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Writing Support Fellows

Kelsey Brakefield
Program and year: MA in Literature, Second Year
Undergraduate major: English Education

Tutoring Specialties: Brainstorming, Thesis Development, Organization, Research, Literary and Visual Analysis, Sources/Citation, Resumes, Cover Letters. 

Writing Interests: English Literature, Journalism, Reports, Thesis, Presentations


Jessica Morris
Degree: MA English Lit
Undergrad: English

Tutoring Specialties: I have always found that one of the hardest parts of essay writing is organization. I like to approach this issue through techniques like free-writing, reverse outlines, and focusing on topic sentences to help the student make a road-map to make the task less daunting.

Writing interests: I tend to lean towards creative non-fiction and academic writing (and, lately, a mix of the two) as areas of writing interest. I have been working on developing my academic voice to more accurately reflect my writing style. 

Martha Krausz
Degree: Masters in English & American Literature
Undergraduate Major: Interdisciplinary concentration in Literature, Poetry Translation and Modernist Studies

Tutoring SpecialtiesAssisting students in the editing and redrafting process, particularly with papers that involve close-reading and literary analysis. I am also a grammar enthusiast, and enjoy collaborating with students to harmonize their unique prose style with sentence-level technical soundness.

Writing Interests: British Literature, Modernism, Imperialism, Narrative Theory. I currently study 20th century British literature with a particular interest in the political potential of poetic and narrative forms. Honing into the literary expression of post-Imperialism in the wake of WWI, my current project examines the anti-imperialist boundaries of Virginia Woolf's poetics in her To the Lighthouse (1927). I am also write poetry on my free time, with plans to publish after my graduation from Mills.

Cabrilla Reyes
Degree: MA English and American Literature 
Undergraduate Major: Theatre and Creative Writing 

Tutoring Specialties:  Study skills, creative projects, research papers, working with multilingual learners.

Writing interests:  Feminist studies, queer studies, critical race theory, playwriting, fiction writing.

Shilpa Kamat
Degree: MFA Creative Writing, Poetry
Undergraduate Major: English, Education 

Tutoring Specialties: analytical and/or creative writing and processes, including brainstorming topics and helping to create a structure; offering feedback on drafts; supporting the process of revision; developing specific writing skills.

Writing Interests: poetry, prose, persuasive articles, personal essays, emails, songs, mixed genre, magical realism, realism, nonfiction.




Writing Support Tutors

Caroline Berg
Major: English Lit and PLEA

Tutoring Specialties: grammar, editing, thesis development

Writing Interests: academic writing on literature, politics, philosophy, gender studies

Sophia Cook-Philips
Major: Environmental Studies  Minor: Spanish and Spanish American Studies

Tutoring Specialties: Environmental policy and economics

Writing Interests: Sustainability, and agriculture and food systems, writing as a tool for persuasion, as well for education about and communication of complex ideas 

Rachel Houser
Major: Sociology

Tutoring Specialties: revising, organization, sentence structure

Writing Interests: creative writing (fiction, nonfiction, poetry), sociology, argumentative essays, analytical literature papers, sociological research papers.

Clarissa Johnson
Major: English (Literature)

Tutoring Specialties: Thesis construction, close readings of literature, paper planning, citations.

Writing Interests: I like examining fiction (science fiction in particular) for symbology that ties it in to other texts and brands of thinking. I especially like doing Biblical and queer readings of texts.

Amanda Lezra
Tutoring Specialties: Public speaking and study-strategies.

Writing Specialties: English and Spanish essay composition, thesis and argument building, and helping develop research skills to support all writing. I have most experience as a writing coach, specifically with creative fiction and non-fiction, in terms of voice, character and plot development. 

Shoshana Moed
Major: Music Minor: Math

Tutoring specialties: outlining, organizing a paper, transitioning in a paper, revising, writing effective paragraphs  to prove thesis, finding grammar mistakes

Writing interests: creative writing, persuasive writing, social justice

Madeleine Nakamura
Major: English Creative Writing

Tutoring specialties: Outlining, analytical strategies, sentence fluency, grammar and spelling, argument structure, brainstorming

Writing Interests: Literary analysis, fiction, creative nonfiction

Samantha Quijano
Major: Government (declared) and English Literature (undeclared).

Tutor Specialties: I am well versed essay/research paper writing for both literature and the social sciences. Within those disciplines, I can help with focusing papers, creating/organizing essay structure, and fine-tuning arguments. Additionally, I can assist with developing time management skills and sorting through MLA and APA citation. 

Writing Interests: Literary analysis (particularly on 1600s–contemporary literature), research-based work, law and public policy, government, sociology, and political/social/cultural position papers. 

Eileen Sochia
Major: Economics and English

Tutoring specialties: analytical essays, research essays driven by data and lit review, the starting stage of an essay or writing piece, outlining

Writing Interests: Empowering others to write what they want to write, writing as a tool for both personal growth and effective communication with others in academic and non-academic settings. 

Erin Strubbe
Major: English Creative Writing

Tutoring Specialties: literary analysis, thesis development, improving clarity, spelling/grammar, structure and language editing, fiction brainstorming and development

Writing Interests: literature, women's studies, journalism, creative fiction/non-fiction, popular culture 

Lia Vardy
Major: English
Tutoring Specialties: prewriting, thesis development, editing assistance, multilingual students, SASS students

Writing Interests: Literature and formal analysis



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