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Plagiarism is a difficult issue for any writing center. Our Writing Consultants generally assume that the writing brought to them is the tutee’s own. If there are concerns with how and when research is cited, Writing Consultants do point out these concerns and explain the necessity for correct and thorough citations.

Writing Consultants are allowed to report suspected plagiarism to the tutee’s professor if the tutee has agreed that the Writing Support can share session content when they sign up for sessions. Otherwise the Writing Consultant will not report suspected plagiarism to anyone outside of the Writing Support. If a Writing Consultant believes that a paper is clearly not the work of the tutee present for tutoring and the tutee resists reworking the potentially plagiarized elements of the assignment, that Writing Consultant may cancel the session at his or her sole discretion.

Additional Writing Support Policies

  • Students are welcome to use the Center’s materials and resources, but these materials may not be removed from the Center.
  • Writing Consultants do not replace instructors. Your own professors are expert sources of guidance on writing assignments. Use the Writing Support along with—not in place of—faculty assistance.
  • As Mills College employees working in collaboration with college faculty, it is strictly prohibited for any Writing Consultant or tutee to speak of faculty in a way that may jeopardize our intercollegiate relationships. Therefore, we cannot listen to complaints about professors, Writing Consultants, assignments, or college policies.
  • Because we are a writing consultation service, not a proofreading service, it is neither possible nor appropriate for Writing Consultants to review every aspect your writing. Rather, we will draw your attention to manageable problems in the current draft (given assignment requirements and your own writing goals). Addressing nuanced issues usually requires multiple appointments.
  • Writing Consultants are prepared to help you with writing personal statements for fellowships, jobs, or graduate school; however, some schools and programs do not permit any outside assistance with the writing of your personal statement. It is the tutee’s responsibility to determine whether or not tutoring is permitted. The Mills College Writing Support is not liable if the tutee violates such a policy.
  • All visitors of the Writing Support are expected to treat the staff with courtesy and respect. Please understand that if you abuse the scheduling system, our consultants, and/or our policies, you will render yourself no longer eligible to receive our services.


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