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Peer Tutor Code of Ethics

Subject proficiency and knowledge have top priority in my task as a tutor.

My major motivation is building the student's self-confidence.

My student deserves and will receive my total attention.

The language my student and I share must be mutually understandable at all times.

I must be able to admit my own weaknesses and will seek assistance whenever I need it.

Respect for my student's personal dignity means I must accept that individual without judgment.

My student will constantly be encouraged but never insulted by false hope or empty flattery.

I will strive for a mutual relationship of openness and honesty as I tutor.

I will not impose my personal value system or lifestyle on my student.

Both the student and I will always understand my role is never to do the student's work.

I will count on my student to also be my tutor and teach me ways to do a better job.

I will do my best to be punctual and keep appointments, not only out of courtesy, but as an example for my student to follow.

I will maintain records, lesson plans and progress data as expected and required.

I will do my best to stay abreast of the current literature about tutoring as it relates to my work.

Good tutoring enables the student to transfer learning from one situation to another.

Making learning real for the student is what tutoring means, and therefore, is an important part of my goal.

My ultimate tutoring goal is my student's independence.

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