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Helpful Studying Hints

Obtain and keep the course syllabus.

Review course material weekly during the semester: re-read notes, workbook exercises, reading notes, and the textbook.

Arrange to study with other students in your classes. Often you will understand an area that may present other students with difficulty, and they may be able to assist you with your problem area.

Attend office hours of your instructor. Meet with them as soon as you experience difficulty with your class. 

Ask for assistance with a problem only after you have made an effort to work it out on your own. People are often more willing to help you when they see evidence you have tried your best.

Seek help from the people best qualified to give it—instructors, advisors, teaching assistants, and tutors. Close friends may not be able to evaluate your needs with impartiality and objectivity.



Helpful Study Hints

Become a Peer Tutor


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