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Payment Plans

General Information 

For students and families who would like to spread out their semester charges in monthly payments, there are multiple payment plan options. There are six month and five month payment plan options. A semester enrollment fee is due in addition to the first monthly payment by the published payment deadline.

In the fall semester, the six month plan runs from July 15– December 15. In the spring semester the six month plan runs from January 15–June 15. Enrollment in the six month plan after the first payment date will not be available.

In the fall semester the five month plans run from August 1–December 1. In the spring semester the five month plans run from January 2–May 1. 

There is a 3% enrollment fee ($300 maximum) based on the amount due. This fee is due with the first monthly payment.

  • $1–10,000 Balance = 3% Enrollment Fee 
  • $10,001+ Balance = $300 Enrollment Fee

Acceptable payments are eCheck, check, cash, wire transfer, or credit cards.  While credit cards are accepted, they are not encouraged.

Students who do not meet the payment plan deadlines may be assessed a late payment fee of $50 for each month that is paid late.  Payers can set up automatic monthly payments to ensure that payment deadlines are met and to avoid late fees.

Students can enroll in the payment plan in the Mills Resource Portal. Authorized users, once set up by their student, can enroll and make payments in the payment plan by logging into Authorized User Log-In.

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