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Student Access and Support Services

Exam Frequently Asked Questions

Student Access and Support Services (SASS) provides test administration by appointment and on a space available basis, for registered SASS students in the Testing Center in Sage Hall and sometimes in Cowell when instructors are unable to provide these accommodations in the classroom. All exams will be administered in the Testing Center in Sage Hall unless the student is otherwise notified.

How do I qualify for exam accommodations?
You must be a registered SASS student and meet specific criteria. If you have not yet registered, make an appointment with SASS by calling 510.430.2130 or come to the Cowell Building front desk and schedule with the receptionist.

How will my instructors know I qualify for this accommodation?
Your instructors will receive an email to check their roster to view your online accommodations. You will enter these accommodations online as soon as they are approved. Your specific disability is not disclosed, but all accommodations will be listed for your faculty to review and accept.

I am a returning registered SASS student who qualified for exam accommodations last semester. How do I schedule taking exams this semester?
You need not make an appointment if your accommodations have not changed. Enter them online as early as possible in the semester. You will schedule your exams online using the same program through which you listed your accommodations. If you need to start your exam at a time different from the time your class starts the exam, you will need to confer informally with your faculty to get approval for an alternate time. When you are in agreement, you will make the formal request online. Once faculty approve, the information will be received by SASS. SASS must receive your exam information at least five business days prior to the exam.

Can I schedule all of my exams at once?
Yes! If you know the dates please schedule all of your exams, including finals, at one time. Faculty must approve your requests at least five business days prior to the exam date.

Can I take an exam at the Testing Center or Cowell with accommodations if I have NOT made an appointment?
No. Due to space limitations and staff availability, no exams will be allowed without an appointment.

What if I need special arrangements or assistance for the exam?
If you need special arrangements (computer, scribe, etc.), you must include this information when you schedule the exam.

How many days in advance do I have to schedule an exam?
Exams with SASS must be scheduled at least five business days in advance. If the deadline is approaching and you have not received approval from your faculty, it will be important to contact them. The deadline is necessary because we need to have enough time to receive your exam and make space available to meet your needs. If you miss the deadline you may need to take your exam with the class, during class time.

What time of day can I schedule my exam for?
The Testing Center in Sage Hall and test administration services in the Cowell Building are available Monday through Friday. You must complete your exam between the hours of 9:00 am–5:00 pm.

What other rules apply?
The same exam rules that you would have in class apply at SASS. This includes abiding by the Mills College Honor Code.

What if I'm late for my scheduled time?
If you are late the amount of time you have for the exam may be affected. Ending time will be determined by other scheduled exams and the discretion of the Ability Access Coordinator. If you arrive more than 30 minutes late, you will need to discuss with the Ability Access Coordinator whether arrangements can still be made for you to take the exam that day. It is your responsibility to contact the instructor to seek permission to reschedule a missed exam. Students must hand in their exams at the scheduled end time. No exceptions.

What if I miss my reserved time and need to reschedule?
SASS must have written or verbal confirmation from the instructor to reschedule any exam. It is your responsibility to solicit this authorization. The instructor is not obligated to reschedule a missed exam!

Do I need to remind my instructor about these arrangements?
Yes. It is advisable to remind your instructor about your arrangements before the week of each exam. This will be critical if you have not received an acceptance from them. It is also helpful for adjunct faculty who spend less time on campus.

I completed an exam at SASS. How do I get my exam back?
SASS returns the exam to your instructor. You may get your exam back directly from the instructor.



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Last Updated: 9/12/18