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Safety and Transportation
Residence Hall Safety

In addition to the Residential Security Policies designed for your safety, here are additional guidelines.

Most thefts occur during the daylight hours and in half the reported burglaries, thieves enter the structure through unlocked doors and windows. 
During the Day

  • Do not leave your purse or wallet in unlocked desks, cabinets or in the open.
  • Always keep your outside door locked.
  • In group residencies, ask strangers to wait in common areas while their friends are summoned.
  • Lock your room door and windows when you leave, even if only for a minute, and take your keys with you.
  • Keep small valuable items out of sight, in a closed drawer, or another safe place.
  • Offer assistance to strangers on your floor. If they have legitimate business, they will appreciate your help. If they don't, ask them to leave or call Department of Public Safety(DPS) at x2124.
  • When moving in or out of your residence, keep your room locked when you are out. Do not leave your car unlocked when you are loading or unloading.
  • Do not leave coats, books, or other valuable items in common areas. Keep them in your room.
  • If you hear or see something suspicious, call DPS immediately.

Vehicle Security

  • Park in well-lit areas. Do not patronize parking lots where car doors must be left unlocked and keys surrendered; otherwise surrender only ignition key.
  • Equip the gas tank with a locking gas cap. The hook-locking device should be controlled from inside the vehicle.
  • Visually check the front and rear passenger compartments before entering the vehicle.
  • Select a reliable service station for vehicle service.
  • Keep doors locked while vehicle is in use.
  • Be alert for vehicles that appear to be following you.
  • When traveling by vehicle, plan ahead. Know the locations of police stations, fire stations, and busy shopping centers.
  • Use a different schedule and route of travel each day. If followed, drive to a police station, fire station, or busy shopping center. Sound the horn to attract attention.
  • Do not stop to assist a stranded motorist, instead call for help on his/her behalf.


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Last Updated: 5/26/17