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Safety and Transportation

Parking and Transportation Regulations

Overview |Objectives | Public Safety Staff Authority | Transportation & Parking Services | Operation of Vehicles | Parking of Vehicles | Liability of College
| Parking Permits | Citations and Service of Citations |
Immobilization & Impoundment | Mills Transportation Services | Citation Fees 2016-17

Mills College has established the following regulations to govern parking and traffic movement on campus. These regulations are specifically designed for the safe and orderly flow of vehicles and pedestrian safety at Mills.

Permission to park and operate a motor vehicle on Mills property are privileges subject to these regulations.


Mills College is private property. Entry to campus is granted only to those persons who agree to comply with College rules and regulations, and the lawful direction of campus authorities.

Students, faculty, staff and regular visitors wishing to park on campus must register vehicles and display appropriate annual parking permit(s). Annual permit cycles revolve with the academic year, as opposed to the calendar year, and are not prorated (i.e. 2016-17 permit = August 31, 2017 expiration).

One-Day, Extended Guest, Visitor (Friends of the College [FOTC]) and Pool Permits are also available to non-Mills ID holding community members and alumni(ae).

Student and FOTC parking permits may be purchased online via eMarket or from the Department of Public Safety at CPM 113.

Campus Vehicle Permits

-  Commuter (Annual)
-  Residential (Annual)
-  Faculty/Staff (Annual)
-  Visitor (Annual, Community Members) 
-  VIP Placards
-  One-Day Guest & Extended Guest
-  Reserved Parking
-  Temporary ADA Accessible Permits*

-  Temporary Pool Permits**

*Vehicle owner(s) must present signed documentation from physician. See Temporary Accessible Permits under Parking Permits for more information.

**Temporary Pool Permits may be purchased by Non-Mills ID holding community members ONLY. Permits qualify holders for short-term Commuter and Richards Lot access during fall, summer or spring programs.

Campus parking, to include individual stalls, lot and curb spaces are designated by Commuter, Residential, Guest & Faculty/Staff access.

All spaces, to include Reserved residential and administrative stalls, are indicated by signage and/or pavement markings. Unmarked pavement or lack of signage does not guarantee open access. 

Mills College reserves the right to cite and/or tow any vehicle in violation of campus parking regulation, designated parking access or safe operation guidelines as provided by the college, Department of Transportation and California Department of Motor Vehicles.  

Objectives of Parking and Traffic Regulations

  • To provide for the protection and safety of the Mills College Community by providing easy access at all times for emergency vehicles to the campus and its buildings
  • To comply with traffic reduction requirements mandated by the City of Oakland and California Department of Motor Vehicles
  • To mitigate and minimize the impact of parking and traffic congestion on the academic mission of the College and on the surrounding community
  • To organize parking and movement of vehicles on the Mills College campus in an efficient and safe manner

Public Safety Staff Authority

Mills College Board of Trustees has delegated primary responsibility for the enforcement of college regulations, including all parking and traffic regulations, to the Director of Public Safety.

Public Safety Officers, as duly appointed representatives of Mills College under the supervision of the Director of Public Safety have authority to enforce parking and traffic regulations on college property.

The college reserves the right to revise these regulations, including schedules of fees, fines, and penalties at any time, without notice by posting the new or revised information on the Public Safety website.

Information on current permit fees may be obtained by calling the Department of Public Safety at x2103 or 510.430.2103, or by email at

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Transportation and Parking Services

The Director of Public Safety, or his/her designee, is responsible for the development, promotion and coordination of alternative transportation programs. These individuals are also responsible for making recommendations for signs, curb markings, barricades, and other traffic control systems for the management of traffic and parking on College property. These recommendations are a result of a collaborative effort with Campus Facilities and appropriate campus advisory committees.

No person without authorization from the Director of Public Safety shall remove, move, deface, or in any way change a sign, barricade, structure, marking, or direction placed for the purpose of regulating parking or traffic. Permission to make temporary or permanent changes of this nature must be obtained from the Director of Public Safety or his/her designee.

Operation of Vehicles

Restricted Areas–The parking of private motor vehicles in areas other than designated campus parking areas is prohibited. Details on prohibited parking areas are listed below.

Speed–No motor vehicle or bicycle shall be operated on campus at a speed in excess of 20 miles per hour. The speed limit on College property is strictly enforced. 22350 CVC

Stop Signs–Every motor vehicle, bicycle or other vehicle must come to a complete stop at every stop sign. Slowing down does not constitute a complete stop. 22450 CVC

Pedestrian Right of Way–The operator of a motor vehicle, bicycle, or other vehicle must slow down or stop, if necessary, to yield the right of way to any pedestrian in a crosswalk or about to enter a crosswalk. 21950 CVC

College Vehicles–College vehicles (including motorized, wheeled equipment) are allowed access to campus areas as necessary to carry out essential functions under these restrictions. College vehicles may not permanently park in fire lanes or disabled parking areas. They must not block disabled access (curb cuts, etc.) to sidewalks or buildings. They may not drive or park on sidewalks or in front of building entrances, except to load or unload heavy items, and must be moved immediately after the delivery, pickup or repairs are completed.

No Idling Policy–It is the policy of Mills College that no gasoline or diesel powered vehicles be allowed to idle on campus for more than one (1) minute under normal weather conditions. The exception to normal conditions is extreme cold or hot weather. Vehicles will never be left running while unattended.

This policy will apply to vehicles transporting students or athletes for athletic events, vehicles contracted to carry students for special college scheduled events, delivery vehicles, contractor’s vehicles, faculty, staff and student’s personal vehicles, and vehicles owned by Mills College. While exceptions in all cases can be observed (for warming up or dropping off purposes) engine idling that extends longer than one (1) minute will be prohibited under normal conditions 

Enforcement: Operators of any of the above listed vehicles will be cited for violation of the Mills College No Idling Policy.

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Parking of Vehicles

Designated and Assigned Parking Areas

Authorized parking areas on the campus are specifically marked. All vehicles parked along the roadways must have their wheels within 18 inches of the right curb and not extending into any landscaped or unimproved area. You must park in a valid parking space, between two white parallel stall lines. Vehicles must be parked so as to occupy only one space or stall.

Prohibited Parking Areas

Vehicles may not park:

  • At any place where signs prohibit parking
  • Within 10 feet of a fire hydrant
  • At any place not specifically marked for parking
  • Along any red- or yellow-painted curb or surface striping denoting a fire/emergency vehicle zone.
  • On or in pedestrian crosswalk, intersection or across driveways
  • In barricaded (coned or reserved)/closed parking stalls

     Lack  of available or convenient parking is NOT a valid                      excuse for parking in prohibited areas.

Curb Markings Defined

  • Red Curb: No Parking at any time, Fire Lane
  • Yellow Curb: Commercial loading/unloading zone only, 15 minute limit
  • Green Curb: Time limited parking/special reserved spaces. Guest Parking at the Oval is open to anyone after 5:00 pm
  • Blue Curb: Accessible parking with Mills, OMV (Office of Motor Vehicles) Placard or ADA Parking.
  • Gray Curb: Authorized general parking.
  • White Curb: Passenger loading and unloading only.

Parking of Motorcycles and Scooters

Motorcycles, motorized bicycles, and scooters are considered to be motor vehicles and are subject to all traffic and parking rules and regulations. They must be parked in designated areas only and are not permitted on pedestrian pathways or sidewalks, in or near buildings and their entrances, or in any pedestrian areas. Motorcycles, motorized bicycles and motorized scooters must display a Mills College Parking Sticker.

Parking of Bicycles

All bicycles on campus must be parked and secured in bicycle racks or bicycle closets (residential halls) at all times. They should not be attached or locked onto signs, handrails, light poles, outside or inside of railings, or landscaping (trees). Bicycles shall not be stored inside buildings unless specific areas have been designated for that purpose.

Overnight Parking of Occupied Vehicles

  • Commuters, Faculty and Staff may not leave their vehicles on campus overnight unless they receive permission from the Department of Public Safety.
  • Parking of occupied vehicles (motor homes, campers, trucks, cars, etc.) is strictly prohibited.

Extended Stay Parking

No vehicle may be parked or stored on campus property overnight without valid Residential permit.* Guests of residential permit holders may complete an Extend Stay/Overnight Parking Form for campus access not to exceed a period of 4-days. 

Extended Stay/Overnight Parking hang tags must be displayed on guest vehicle rear view mirror. Vehicles without valid permits or prior permissions from the Department of Public Safety, to include Commuter & Faculty/Staff permit holders, may be cited or impounded at the expense of owner.

No one, including residential students, may park or store vehicles on campus over any semester break. Vehicles left on campus without authorization, may be cited and/or impounded. Authorized exceptions for Residential permit holders include academic breaks (winter, spring and summer) where student will remain in campus housing.**

*Special provisions may be made for Faculty/Staff or students who require their vehicles for College Business. Vehicles on college business must request permission from the Department of Public Safety prior to leaving vehicles. 

**Overnight Extended Residential Contract exemptions include vehicle owners residing in the following residential halls:

  • Ross/Larsen House
  • Underwood Apartments
  • Faculty Village

Liability of College

Mills College and its employees assume no responsibility for any loss or damage to vehicles due to theft, vandalism, fire, falling debris or vegetation, tow, collision, weather, earthquake, or other causes. Persons who park their vehicles on Mills College Property do so at their own risk.

Vehicle owners are encouraged to observe the following safety tips while parked on college property:

  • Always lock vehicle doors
  • Roll up windows and shut sun roofs
  • Set your alarm or use an anti-theft device 
  • Never leave your car unoccupied with the motor running or with children inside
  • Secure money and valuables in the trunk or out of sight
  • Were possible, choose parking in well-lit areas
  • Keep spare keys/vehicle remotes on your person, avoid hiding spares in or on vehicle
  • Be mindful of overhanging foliage, tree trimming and construction in parking lots
  • Permit cutters and contractors sufficient space to perform necessary maintenance without obstruction
  • Be aware and immediately report any suspicious activity to the Department of Public Safety at (510) 430-5555.

To report vehicle theft, damage or non-injury accidents on campus, notify the Security Gatehouse at (510)430-5555 or ex. 5555 from any Mills phone and Oakland Police Department Non-Emergency Dispatch at (510) 430-777-3333.

For life-threatening accidents or injuries call 911, or, from a cell phone dial (510) 777-3211.

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Parking Permits

Requesting Parking Permits

Mills community members may request a parking permit after registering their vehicle(s) in the Mills Portal. All vehicles must registered no later than the second week of the semester they begin. Once a request is made, vehicle owners must retrieve parking permits from the Department of Public Safety at CPM 113.

For instructions on registering vehicles and requesting campus permits visit Vehicle Permit ePay.

Display of permits

All vehicles entering Mills College property must either display, or stop and obtain, a valid parking permit. Mills annual parking permit is a static cling decal designed to be placed inside the lower left corner (drivers side) of the front windshield. Vehicles displaying their permits improperly are subject to enforcement action, including parking citations and fines.

A valid permit is a current year parking permit issued to faculty, staff, students, visitors and regular guests of Mills College, or a daily or extened guest permit issued by the Department of Public Safety. An expired permit may not substitute for a valid permit.

Permit Denial or Revocation

The College may revoke or refuse to issue a parking permit without prior notice. All outstanding parking violations or penalties must be satisfactorily settled before a permit is issued or renewed. Parking permits may be revoked for nonpayment of parking fines.

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Types of Vehicle Permits

Commuter Permits

Annual Commuter permits are valid for access to Commuter and Richard’s Gate lots only. Parking in other areas is not authorized, with violations subject to citation and fine.

Resident Permits

Residential permits are valid for designated resident only parking spaces. Resident parking spaces are available to vehicles displaying current residential permits 24-hours per day, seven days a week, during the academic year.

Vehicles with resident permits may not park in other permit -controlled areas of the campus between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm on weekdays.

Underwood Apartment parking stalls (one per resident) are assigned by unit number and are reserved for Underwood residents ONLY. Underwood residents may park additional vehicles and guest vehicles in Richard’s Lot.

Faculty/Staff Permits

Faculty/Staff permits are valid in Staff and Faculty Lots or any commuter lot/stall. Parking in other areas is not authorized, with violations subject to citation and fine.

VIP Placards

VIP parking permits are issued to non-college affiliated special guests upon the request of a Dean, Director or Executive of Mills College. VIP placards are issued only by the Department of Public Safety.

One-Day Passes/Extended & Overnight Guest Permits

“Guests” of Mills College are defined as community or temporary staff members invited to campus under specific premises (e.g., prospective faculty and staff, vendors, contractors...etc.). Guest passes are intended for single, or daily visits during regular business hours.

Extended Guest Hang Tags may be retrieved at the Public Safety Administrative Office (CPM 113) by request of Mills ID holding community members ONLY. 

By approval of the Director of Public Safety, or authorized designee, pink hang tags may be issued as temporary daily parking access for Mills ID holders (current year only). Gold, or yellow, hang tags may be issued to student guests for overnight access to Richards Lot not to exceed four (4) days.

  • One-Day Guest Pass: No purchase necessary. Overnight stay prohibited. Access until 10:00 pm on date issued. Collect at Security Gatehouse. Commuter and Richards Lot access.
  • Pink Hang Tag: No purchase necessary. Issued by request of Mills ID holders ONLY. Overnight stays prohibited. Daily access until 10:00 pm through approved expiration date. Commuter and Richards Lot access. Collect at Public Safety Administrative Office in CPM 113. 
  • Gold Hang Tag: No purchase necessary. Issued to student guests ONLY by approval of the Director of Public Safety, or authorized designee. Extended overnight stay permitted with signed Overnight/Extended Stay Permit Request and campus host endorsement. Commuter and Richards Lot access. Collect in CPM 113.

Visitor or Friends of the College (FOTC) Permits 

“Visitors” or Friends of Mills College are defined as persons utilizing campus facilities or trails. Annual Visitor permits are valid for parking in Commuter and Richard's Gate lots and may be purchased via Non-Student eMarket. As other annual permits, Visitor renewal cycles concide with the academic year, expiring each August, and are not prorated.

  • Annual Visitor Permit: Ovenight stay prohibited. Daily access until 10:00 pm through academic year. Commuter and Richards Lot access. Collect at Trefethan Aquatic Center or Public Safety Administrative Office in CPM 113. See Vehicle Permit ePay for price and purchase instructions. 

Temporary Pool Permits

Temporary Pool Permits may be collected at the Trefethen Aquautic Center with purchase of qualifying swim packages. Pool users must complete payment, parking permit form and present valid state registration to retrieve.

  • Temporary Pool Permit: Ovenight stay prohibited. Daily access until 10:00 pm through program period (Fall, Spring or Summer). Commuter and Richards Lot access. Purchase at Trefethan Aquatic Center. See Pool Schedule and Fees for price and purchase instructions. 

As with Visitor permits, Temporary Pool Permit holder are authorized access to Richards and commuter lots, during paid access period ONLY. Patrons found outside of authorized parking lots may be cited at any time. See campus map for parking designations.

Temporary Accessible Permits

Campus accessible parking spaces are provided in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Vehicles parked in these spaces must display a Mills College Accessible permit or a OMV (Office of Motor Vehicles)-issued placard.

OMV (Office of Motor Vehicles) placards must be accompanied by an authorization card which states who is permitted use of the placard. Public Safety Officers are authorized to inspect this OMV (Office of Motor Vehicles) issued card to insure that Accessible parking spaces are made available to legitimate users.

Authorization to park in College Accessible spaces requires presentation of state certification of permanent accessible permit or a physician's recommendation for a temporary accessible permit. Campus temporary permits maybe issued to qualifying vehicle owners for a duration not to exceed 90-days following mandatory consultation with Student Access and Support Services (SASS) or Employee Services representatives.

Campus ADA permits are authorized for use on Mills College property ONLY, and must be displayed with appropriate annual or guest permits.

Reserved Parking Permits

The College reserves the right to designate reserved parking spaces for officers of the College. These spaces are specifically marked and reserved seven (7) days a week.

Residents of Underwood Apartments will be assigned one reserved parking stall by number. Residential stalls numbered one (1) through twelve (12) may not be occupied by non-Underwood permit holding residents. 

Underwood residents must display both standard Residential and reserved Underwood parking permits in front windshield. Vehicles not displaying appropriate permits will be cited or towed.

Apartment residents with more than one vehicle, may park additional autos, motorcycles or scooters in Richards Lot. Use of unassigned or multiple residential stalls is strictly prohibited. 

Motorcycle Parking Permits

All motorcycles, motorized bicycles and motor scooters are required to have a parking permit. These vehicles may not be parked in between parked vehicles and may not be parked on any walkway or pedestrian path.

Motorcycles may not be parked where their presence hampers the movement of other vehicles or the ability of motor vehicle drivers entering or exiting their vehicles. Designated motorcycle parking areas have been made available in the Upper CPM parking lot and on Richard's Road at Kapiolani Rd. 

See map for parking designations.

Purchase of Parking Permits

All Mills community members, temporary contractors and regular visitors are required to purchase a parking permit. Annual permits may be purchased via cash, check or credit card at the Department of Public Safety Adminstrative Office in CPM 113 or via campus eMarket. Permits rollover with the academic year beginning each Fall semester and are not prorated. 

Faculty/Staff may elect to purchase permits via payroll deduction at the discounted rate of $50. Additional permits may be purchased at full price ($60).


Lost permits may be replaced at a rate of $25 per permit. Vehicle owners can purchase replacement permits online via campus eMarket or in-person at the Administrative Office located in CPM 113 during regular business hours.

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 Citations and Service of Citations

When there is cause to believe that a violation of these regulations has occurred, an appropriate notice of violation will be issued by the Department of Public Safety setting forth the date, time, location and nature of the violation.

Citations may be served by affixing a copy to the vehicle involved, or by delivering or mailing a copy to vehicle owner. Service by mail is accomplished by mailing a copy of the citation to the vehicle owner's  PO Box or mailing address.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) or officer camera images may be utilized in corroborating violation claims.

Payment of Fine(s) or Appeal Process

Vehicle owners may choose to pay fines as assessed or appeal matters through the Citation Appeals Committee.

Department of Public Safety Citation Appeal Form

  • If the vehicle owner chooses to pay the fine(s), s/he may complete payment online via appropriate eMarket, mail a check or money order or pay in person at the Public Safety Administrative Office in CPM 113.
  • Vehicle owners have fourteen (14) calendar days to pay fines. Payment of fines is an affirmative election to waive all rights to an appeal.
  • If a vehicle owner chooses to appeal, s/he must submit an appeal form to the Administrative Office within fourteen (14) calendar days of issuance. Parking and Traffic Appeal forms are available online and in the Public Safety Main Office at CPM 113. Traffic appeals will be forwarded to the Citation Appeals Committee for adjudication.
  • If a vehicle owner is found responsible, Committee members may recommend Community Service as an alternative to fines. Cited vehicle owners may pay the fine amount or apply for Campus Community Service (CCS) if eligible.
  • For each hour worked, there is a $10.00 credit against the fine. CCS work is defined as campus clean-up, student escort/Seminary Gate duties, or office work within HMDS, Public Safety or any other venue as determined by the Director of Public Safety.
  • Campus Community Service work is a privilege and will not be given to habitual offenders. The Citation Appeal Committee will determine who is a habitual offender. The citation Appeal committee is the final authority in this decision.
  • If the vehicle owner neither pays the fine, nor appeals the notice of violation within fourteen (14) calendar days, fines doubles and the right to appeal is forfeited.
  • If the vehicle owner loses his or her appeal or is required to pay a reduced fine, the amount due must be paid within fourteen (14) calendar days of the notice of appeal decision, or else the amount doubles. There is no further right of appeal for citations already reviewed by the Citation Appeals Committee. Secondary attempts to appeal citations will not be recognized by the Department of Public Safety or Citation Appeal Committee.
  • Fines that are not paid within the above time frame will be placed on the student's account. Faculty and Staff who do not pay or appeal citations, will be subject to losing their campus parking privilege or tow. All fines must be paid before the next years parking permit will be issued.
  • Failure of students to pay parking fines due will prevent release of transcripts, diplomas, or certificates. Holds are imposed by the M-Center.

Suspension of Parking Privileges

Individuals with one moving violation or multiple outstanding parking fines that have not been paid or appealed, or who do not complete Campus Community Service work are subject to suspension of parking privileges. The  department will notify the permit holder that his or her failure to pay the fine or otherwise comply with these parking regulations constitutes grounds for suspension of parking privileges. If there is no response to this notice within five business days, the permit holder's parking privileges will be revoked by the Department of Public Safety, and the vehicle will be subject to tow when found on College property.


A vehicle's registered driver/owner has sole responsibility for the parking permit and all parking violations received on Mills College property. See Citations Fees for a comprehensive list of current fines.

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Vehicle Towing

Tow After Due Warning

Any vehicle parked on Mills College property may be subject to tow after notification, as specified in these regulations. The College and its officers, employees, and agents are not liable for any loss or damage of any kind resulting from tow. Any vehicle that has three (3) or more outstanding citations is subject to tow. Upon receipt of the third citation, a warning notice shall be placed on the vehicle or sent to the vehicle owner's PO Box or mailing address.

The notice will state that if the vehicle is found again on campus in violation of campus parking regulations, including non-payment of fines, it will be impounded and towed off campus. For vehicles not registered on campus and lacking valid parking permits, Public Safety will contact the Department of Motor Vehicles and obtain registered owner information. Any costs associated with contacting the DMV will be passed on to the registered owner, and a $25.00 service charge will be added for documentation fees.

Release of Towed Vehicles

Contact Public Safety at (510)430-5555 or ex. 5555 from any Mills phone. All outstanding fines and fees must be paid before impounded vehicles release from tow company.

Tow and/or storage fees must be paid separate from campus fees. Neither campus nor tow company fees may be applied towards, or subsituted for penalities accrued with the other. 

Payment can be made at CPM 113, Monday-Friday during operating hours. Cash, personal checks, money orders or credit cards are accepted. Vehicle owners are responsible for settling all towing costs with the tow company.

Tow without Prior Notice

A vehicle may be impounded without prior notice for:

  • Three (3) or more outstanding citations
  • Abandoned vehicle
  • Vehicles owned or operated by persons whose parking privileges have been revoked
  • Parking in a designated disabled parking space without a valid disabled parking permit
  • Parking in a marked tow away zone or space
  • Blocking:
    • A driveway, roadway, service road, entrance, exit, fire hydrant, loading zone, no-parking area, landscaped area, prohibited area, fire zone, or in an area that restricts college activities
  • Parking in a campus service area without proper authorization
  • Parking in a reserved space
  • Displaying a forged/counterfeit/stolen parking permit
  • Vehicle leaking fluids (e.g. antifreeze, gasoline, oil...etc.)

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Mills Transportation Services

Shuttle Service

The College operates a shuttle service from Mills College to the University of California Berkeley campus seven days a week. Information on shuttle schedules is available on the web, in CPM 113, the Security Gatehouse or via phone at (510) 430-5555, or ex. 5555. 

Disclaimer: Mills College shuttle staff will make every effort to ensure the shuttle operates according to the published schedule. However, if the shuttle service is disrupted due to unforeseen circumstances, Mills College will not be responsible for providing alternate transportation, or reimbursement of costs.

Riders are strongly encouraged to prepare an alternate transportation plan should shuttle services be unavailable. Call 511 or AC Transit for information local transit information. For Public Safety, transits news and up to the minute shuttle status reports follow the Department of Public Safety on Twitter @DPSMILLS or contact (510) 430-5555.

AC Transit EasyPass

Student comprehensive fees include purchase of one AC Transit EasyPass. Passes may be retrieved with current ID at CPM 113 Monday-Friday, 9:00AM - 1:00PM or 2:00PM - 5:00PM. For lost, stolen or deactivated cards, contact Clipper Customer Support at 877-878-8833. 

Taxi Cab Vouchers

The Department of Public Safety will issue taxi vouchers for use with the “Friendly Cab Company” at a student’s request. For pick up or drop-off anywhere in the Greater Bay Area dial (510) 536-3000.

Students will be billed by Mills College for the cost of taxi fares. Only Friendly Cab vouchers may be charged to students’ accounts. All other taxi fares must be paid by the student at the time of the ride, and will not be reimbursed by the college.

Citation Fees

$20.00 Fine

   -  Smoking Where Prohibited

$40.00 Fine

   -  No Permit   
   -  Parking Prohibited by Signs/Markings
   -  Parked 18" from Right Curb
   -  Parked Across Stall Markings
   -  Parked Off Pavement
   -  Parked in Yellow Loading Zone
   -  Parked in Green Zone (+15 minutes)
   -  Parked in White Zone (+15 minutes)
   -  Carpool Violation

$60.00 Fine

   -  Failure to Stop at Stop Sign
   -  Parked on Sidewalk/Walkway (Crosswalk)
   -  Obstruction of Roadway
   -  Red Zone 
   -  Fire Hydrant
   -  Driving in Excess 25 MPH
   -  Reserved Parking
   -  Trespassing

$100.00 Fine

   -  Abandoned Vehicles

$400 Fine

   -  Disabled Parking Zone 

For canine fees and violations, visit the Dog Policy and Permits section.

Questions or Concerns?

Questions or concerns regarding the Parking and Transportation Regulations should be addressed to the Citation Appeals Committee (CAC). For information on CAC meeting times, individuals should contact the Public Safety Office at (510) 430-2103 or ex. 2103. 

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