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Registrar and Records

Online Registration Instructions

After you meet with your advisor to discuss course selection your advisor will release the registration hold on your record so that you may access online registration. To access online registration you must be eligible to register. Please check the following:

  • You are registering on the correct day for your class level (see the online Registration Schedule under Registrar/Records.) 
  • Your student account is current (i.e., paid in full or up-to-date with payments to Tuition Management Systems). 
  • Your advisor has released the registration hold and you have no other holds on your record. To view your holds, login to myMILLS, click on “Student Records,” then “View Holds.”

Instructions for Web Registration

Before You Register

  • Make sure you can access the Mills Resource Portal. Contact if you have any problems.
  • Check the registration schedule to determine when you can access registration.
  • Meet with your advisor, in advance of your registration date, so they may approve your course schedule and release the Registration Hold on your record.
  • Check your student account via myMILLS to make sure your account is current (i.e., paid in full or up-to-date with Tuition Management Systems payments). If your account is not current please visit the M Center.
  • Using myMILLS, check that there are no 'holds' on your record that may prevent you from registering. Contact the appropriate office to resolve the ‘hold.

Accessing MyMills Online Registration

  • Access myMILLS through the Mills Resource Portal.
  • Select Registration Information.
  • Select ‘Check your Registration Status' and choose the appropriate term.
  • Read the instructions to determine your eligibility.
  • If you have no items preventing your registration, click the ‘Back’ button. If you are prevented from registering contact your advisor or the M Center, as indicated.

Searching for Courses

Students can search for courses in two ways; by using the online course schedule search function or via registration information in the Portal. Access to the online course schedule and information about searching for courses is available on the course schedule website.

Students may also search for courses via registration information in the Portal.

  • To search for courses, under ‘Registration Information,’ select ‘Look up Classes to Add’ and select the appropriate term. Use the selection options to search the class schedule. You may choose any combination of fields to narrow your search, but you must select at least one subject. To search for more than one subject at a time, depress the CTRL key and use the mouse to highlight the subjects to be searched. When your selection is complete, click ‘Class Search. ’
  • To view any special notes that may exist for a particular course (including additional course fees) click on the CRN for the course under the results for ‘Look up Classes to Add.’ To access the email link for the instructor click on the email icon.
  • You may register for classes by checking the box on the far left. (The letter ‘C’ instead of a box indicates the course is closed.) Click ‘Register’ or ‘Add to Worksheet.’ Adding a course to your worksheet does not actually register you for the course. See ‘Waitlisting Options’ for information on how to add yourself to the waitlist for closed courses.

Registering For Your Courses

If you know the CRN(s) (5-digit Course Registration Number available in the online course schedule or bia  via registration information in the Portal) under ‘Registration Information,’ select ‘Register/Add/Drop Classes.’ Following the instructions on the screen, type only the CRN(s) in the Express Registration Worksheet at the bottom of the page, and click ‘Submit.’

If you do not know the CRN, refer to the ‘Searching for Courses’ section above.

Waitlisting Option

  • If a course is closed and a waitlist option exists, you may add yourself to the waitlist by choosing ‘Waitlist’ under the ‘Action’ tab in the ‘Register/Add/Drop Classes’ page in myMILLS. If space becomes available the instructor will send an email to your Mills preferred email account, inviting you to enroll in the course. You will have two business days from the date and time on the email, to print out the email and bring it to the M Center to be added to the class. If you do not take action within this timeframe, you will forfeit your space. Faculty have been instructed not to invite students to enroll during the summer.
  • Important: Please check your schedule to determine if adding the course will cause any conflicts or create an overload. If either or both of these conditions exist, you will need to complete an add/drop form so that you can drop the course that is creating the problem. You do not need any signatures on the add/drop form as long as you have the emailed invitation to enroll.

Changing Credit and Grade Options


  • To change the amount of credit for a variable credit course, from the Register/Add/Drop Classes link, click on the ‘Cred’ link and enter the amount of credit, within the noted range. Click ‘Submit Changes.’
  • To change the grade option for a course, from the Register/Add/Drop Classes link click on the Grade Mode link; find the course you want to change. Use the drop down list to make the change, and then click on ‘Submit Changes.’
  • The phrase, ‘Change Accepted’ will appear in red when you successfully change your credit or grade options.

Changing Grade Options–Audit

Important: Two-step process

Step One

  • From the Register/Add/Drop Classes link click on ‘Grade Mode.’
  • Use the pull-down list to change the grade mode to ‘Audit.’
  • Click ‘Submit Changes.’ The phrase, ‘Change Accepted’ appears in red.

Step Two

  • Click ‘Here’ to go back to ‘Register/Add/Drop Classes.’
  • Click on ‘Action’ and select ‘Web Audit.’
  • Click ‘Submit Changes.’

Viewing Your Schedule

  • Select on ‘Registration Information.’
  • To see your full, weekly schedule click on ‘Student Schedule by Day & Time.’ Enter the Monday of the first full week of classes).

Special Courses and Credit Value Changes

  • Special Courses—Registration for the following types of courses requires the appropriate form. Students cannot register online for these courses:
    - Independent Study
    - Teaching Practicum
    - Directed Research
    - Academic Internship
    - Advanced Teaching Practicum
    - Management Practicum
  • Forms—Independent Study, Teaching Practicum and Directed Research forms are available in the M Center or online under Registrar & Records/Academic Records Forms. Academic Internship forms are available in the Career Center. Internship Petitions must be submitted to the M Center for review by the Academic Standing Committee. The Advanced Teaching Practicum form is in the English Department Office, and the Management Practicum form is in the MBA Office. Forms must be submitted to the M Center by the add deadline.


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