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Mills Student Health Plans

Health Programs FAQ

Student Health Plan Dates of Coverage:
Fall Term: August 15–January 14
Spring Term: January 15–August 14

Required Coverage: All Mills students must carry health insurance or public coverage (such as Medi-Cal or Medicare) that meets the minimum requirements of the Affordable Care Act. This includes comprehensive medical and mental health services, including outpatient, emergency and inpatient care including primary, specialty, pharmacy, lab, x-ray and other diagnostic services. International students must have additional benefits related to medical evacuation and repatriation. If you will waive coverage, please refer to these waiver guidelines for alternate coverage.  

International students: All Mills College international students must enroll in and purchase a special International Student Health Plan for the duration of their studies at Mills College. Please see here for more information.

Two Student Plans

Students may choose one of two Mills Student Health Plans or waive coverage. Through Kaiser Permanente, we offer two options to students and their dependents. Both plans meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Please see the rates and billing page for information on fees for each plan. Please consult the Filice Insurance Mills Student Health Plans Benefits Guide for more information or go to the Filice Insurance Student Benefits Website for Mills College

1) The Mills Student Health Plan (HMO) provides comprehensive medical coverage—including requirements for International students—and mental health and vision care with no deductibles, some free visits or copays, a $3,000 out-of-pocket maximum ($6,000 per family), and no lifetime or annual benefit maximum. In addition, our Mills Student Health Plan includes chiropractic coverage through Kaiser via Ash Companies and dental coverage through MetLife Dental.

2) Another plan option through Kaiser Permanente is the Mills Student Health Deductible Plan (DHMO), which includes comprehensive medical coverage, plus mental health and vision care through Kaiser Permanente as well as chiropractic coverage through Ash Companies. This plan does not include dental coverage. This plan has an annual deductible of $1,500 per member ($3,000 per family), varying copays or co-insurance by type of service, a maximum out-of-pocket of $4,000 per member and $8,000 per family member, and no lifetime or annual benefit maximum.

How do deductibles, copays, co-insurance and benefit maximums work? See here for an explanation.

Dependent coverage: Students may elect to cover dependents for additional fees. Dependents may only be covered by the same Mills plan option selected by the student. See fees here.

Eligibility, leaves and withdrawals: Students are not eligible for any Mills student health plan for semesters they are studying abroad or while taking a leave of absence - except in the case of leaves for those who request coverage before the academic add deadline for the term. See the Mills Catalog for more details. Refunds of health plan fees are allowed only in cases where students have withdrawn or taken a leave before the academic add deadline and have not used any Kaiser Permanente services.

Confidential Health Information Act
If you are covered under a parent, spouse, partner or guardian's health plan, you may want to take advantage of the benefits offered by a new law.  If you are the main subscriber for your health plan, you do not need the protection provided by California’s Confidental Health Information Act. It requires health plans to honor confidential communications requests when individuals covered under another person’s policy seek sensitive services like birth control, STD tests, mental health care or any service if they feel that disclosure of information to the policy holder could lead to harm. You can read more about the law here.

It is every student's responsibility to complete the enrollment or waiver process online during the Summer Open Enrollment period (and during the Winter Open Enrollment period for students starting in the Spring). International students will be enrolled in a separate plan automatically. 

Late Changes: After the close of the Open Enrollment Period, requests for changes are discouraged and considered late. Late change requests may be submitted to the Wellness Manager along with a completed Enrollment Change Form or Late Waiver Form (request from Wellness Manager at Late change requests are subject to a late fee of $150 that will be added to your student account. International students with late changes may request information from

Late Enrollment Due to Loss of Alternate Coverage: Students who lose alternate health coverage and have a notice of loss of coverage (for example loss of Medi-Cal coverage because a student turns 21 years of age) may request late enrollment in the Student Health Plan by sending a completed Enrollment Change Form and an official notice of loss of coverage to the Wellness Manager at 123 Cowell or by email at Verifiable loss of coverage will enable students to request special late enrollment and pricing based on Kaiser Permanente policies. If students aged out of another health plan, a late processing fee will apply (students are encouraged to enroll in a Mills plan prior to aging out). If other coverage was cancelled due to failure to pay or late payment, prorated late enrollment is not available. This option is not available for international students.

If you have questions about your insurance, please email

Student Health Plan Dates of Coverage:
Fall Term: August 15–January 14
Spring Term: January 15–August 14

For fee information, see student health plan rates and billing information.

Benefit Summaries

Kaiser Permanente New Member Online Orientation: 
Click here for an online slideshow orienting you to Kaiser Permanente. 

Student Health Plans Benefit Summaries: Please find benefit summaries and detailed plan information at the Filice Insurance Benefits Website for Mills College.

Please see the Filice website for helpful information including a Benefits Guide, plan benefit summaries for each plan and evidence of coverage documents. Should any discrepancy arise, the evidence of coverage statements supersede the plan summaries. The Kaiser Permanente certificate (evidence of coverage) will be mailed to the enrollee's mailing address upon enrollment. Be sure that you always maintain an updated address—see the link in your student portal—so that you receive your certificate of coverage during the summer at the correct address. 

Using Your KP Student Health Plan Outside of Northern California:  You may use your KP Coverage for emergency services anywhere in the world. And you may use Visiting Member Benefits (see link below) at any KP facility in the United States.

Using a KP Plan from Another Region: Please see KP Visiting Member Benefits

Dental Care

For information about dental care, please visit dental health coverage page.


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