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International Student Health Plan

Effective fall 2015, all international students must enroll in our international student health plan through GeoBlue, underwritten by Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company with a global Anthem Blue Cross provider network. International insurance is different than regular insurance—it covers a wider range of emergencies and urgent visits that domestic plans do not cover.

Charges will be billed to your student account. You will receive an email invitation and certificate number in order to register at, where you will be able to track claims and find a doctor as well as other important information, including customer service and emergency contact information and help in using your insurance. For more information see the GeoBlue insurance guide.

Dates of coverage are August 15–January 14 for the fall term, January 15–August 14 for the spring term and a separate eight-week summer term for summer exchange students beginning in 2016.

How to use your insurance: You may see a physician at our Vera Whole Health Center on campus at no charge for the office visit, so you do not need to use your student health insurance. We encourage all students to use the health center first. You may coordinate the use of your insurance at an outside lab or pharmacy, specialty care practice or hospital. Your GeoBlue plan offers global coverage through an Anthem Blue Cross Provider Network. To find a doctor, go to

2018–2019 Rates for GeoBlue
Rates shown are for 12 months.*

Student: $1,950

Spouse: $7,750

Child: $2,950.60

Children: $5,854

*Billed at half the annual amount for each term, with effective dates as follows: 8/15-1/14 for Fall Term and 1/15 - 8/14 for Spring Term. Separate summer term rates will be available for summer 2019.

The plan meets all of the following requirements:

  1. Has no pre-existing condition exclusion;
  2. Has a minimum of $100,000 in medical benefits for the term of coverage;
  3. Has a deductible of no more than $500 per illness episode or injury;
      Covers the following services:
    • Chronic disease management for such conditions as asthma, diabetes or other chronic medical conditions;
    • Hospital stays for medical and surgical care;
    • Hospital stays for mental health and alcohol/drug abuse conditions;
    • Outpatient visits for medical, mental health, and alcohol/drug abuse conditions;
    • Emergency room/Hospital services;
    • Diagnostic services including laboratory tests and supplies that are necessary for the treatment of an injury or illness;
    • Medications prescribed by a doctor (including oral and Norplant contraceptives);
    • Pre-natal and maternity care are covered the same as any illness or injury.
  1. Covers medical services for injury from participation in all types of recreational activities or amateur sports;
  2. Is not a health care reimbursement arrangement with the student’s home country or another party;
  3. Has a policy written in standard English with benefits expressed in US dollars;
  4. Has a claims payment office with an address in the United States (and online claims management services);
  5. Offers world-wide medical coverage (outpatient and inpatient);
  6. Provides repatriation of remains and medical evacuation benefits at the following levels:
    • Repatriation of Remains $25,000
    • Medical Evacuation $50,000

Insurance Options for Dependents of International Students

All international students attending Mills College must enroll in our International Student Health Insurance Plan through GeoBlue, which also offers benefits for dependents. Mills College does not require international students to purchase the same coverage for dependents. However, J1 visa students should know that dependents must have the same level of coverage (not necessarily through the same insurance company) as students. See the J1 Visa requirements here. Below are several other insurance options for dependents.



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