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Multilingual Services

Speaking more than one language broadens one’s perspective, and gives one advantages in a multilingual world. At the same time, it can sometimes pose challenges in an academic setting if English is not one’s dominant language. At Multilingual Services, we are here to support all multilingual students so they can thrive in academia and beyond.

We aim to offer support that matches each student’s needs; for instance, depending on the task, students can practice an upcoming presentation, work on a scholarship application, manage reading assignments, discuss professor expectations, practice listening to lectures, or hold study groups with one of our Student Supporters. In our support meeting you will work with one of our Student Supporters on the task of your choice. Meetings typically last forty-five minutes to one hour.

Student Supporters Charis, Emily, Miguel, and Britt all have unique and comprehensive teaching and tutoring talents. Please see their bios below and make an appointment with the Student Supporter of your choosing online here. If it's your first time logging in, click the "forgot your password" link to create a login account. Email Britt at with any questions. 

We look forward to helping you thrive.

The MLS Team

Britt Starr, Coordinator and Student Supporter
Britt StarrHaving lived in Senegal, China, and France as an international student of language and culture, Britt loves supporting international and multilingual students at Mills. She particularly likes working with students on reading comprehension, strategies for success in the Mills classroom, all aspects of the writing process from ideation to grammar, as well as speaking and pronunciation. Britt was awarded an MA in English Literature from Mills in May 2016 and is thrilled to serve as Multilingual Services Coordinator to help expand resources for Mills' multilingual students.

Charis Woodward, Student Supporter
Charis WoodwardCharis is currently working toward a master’s degree in English Literature. She has previously worked as fellow in the Writing Support and a TA for English 1. Charis enjoys working with students on grammar and mechanics, writing style, essay planning and composition, reading strategies, vocabulary building, and general study skills.

Emily Travis, Student Supporter
Emily TravisEmily is completing her second and final year as a graduate student of English Literature. She has previously worked with multilingual speakers in both academic and professional settings. She currently supports multilingual students as an English 1 TA. Emily enjoys tutoring all students in reading, pronunciation, textual analysis, thesis development, essay organization, research, and incorporating academic sources.

Miguel Cervantes, Student Supporter
Miguel CervantesMiguel Cervantes hails from Southern California and is a second year graduate student pursuing his MFA in prose.  He loves to read and discuss all the many facets of literature that beguile, fascinate and inspire us.  Miguel’s focus on writing, editing and critical discussion can help students seeking to improve their writing in humanities courses and gain a better understanding of how to approach the process of revising their own work.  Since particular styles of writing can vary from course to course, Miguel is more than happy to work with students to help them achieve their specific writing goals, from increased clarity and brevity to substantial content changes that provide a platform for their creative vision.


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