Student Government

An important part of a Mills education is developing leadership skills that will empower you to create the change needed in our world. At Mills, one of the best ways to become a leader is by participating in our student government.


The Associated Students of Mills College (ASMC) is comprised of elected and appointed positions, open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Our Executive Board works as an administrative body alongside our Senate, more direct community representatives. When both of these groups come together, they make up our ASMC Full Board. Under the governance of a student-drafted constitution (PDF), the ASMC manages and disburses an annual budget that supports more than 50 student organizations, student publications, campus-wide events, and various student initiatives. From academic issues to student experience concerns, the ASMC is the voice of the student body to the College administration. If you are interested in joining, seek funding for a student group, or want to learn more about how the ASMC can be a resource to you, email the ASMC Executive Board at for more information.


The ASMC empowers student voices. From academic issues to social events to honor code concerns, the ASMC is the voice of the student body to the College administration.


The ASMC is an undergraduate, student-run government that challenges its members to further their student leadership development and become catalysts for academic and social change. It enhances a community of support that represents student services, funding, diversity, social justice, and connections between the students, faculty, staff, administration, and Board of Trustees. The ASMC supports student run organizations, campus-wide events, and student initiatives.

The ASMC is comprised of the following groups:

Together these two groups make up the ASMC Full Board and work together closely to communicate student concerns and experience to the College administration. The ASMC Full Board also manages and disburses ASMC Special Funding and an annual budget that supports many student initiatives, including but not limited to:

  • Student clubs and organizations
  • Student publications
  • Campus-wide events