Full Student Government Board

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Full Board

The Full Board is chaired by the ASMC President, and is made up of the all Senators, the four Class Council Historians, and the Executive Board.

ASMC is advised by two college staff members from the Division of Student Life/the Center for Student Leadership, Equity and Excellence.

Open Forum

The Mills student government has bi-weekly full board meetings that begin with 15–30 minutes of Open Forum, which is a space for students to share concerns or questions with the Full Board.

Full Board meetings are every other Monday at 6:30 pm in GSB room 118.

You can contact us at asmc@mills.edu with any general inquiries.

2019-20 ASMC Executive Board

Breanna Gingras
President, asmcpresident@mills.edu

Sameenah Muhammad
Vice President, asmcvp@mills.edu

Mariana Sauceda
Historian, asmchistorian@mills.edu

Leo Cuevas Ramos
Internal Affairs, asmcinternal@mills.edu

Jessica Carmeen Greely
Judicial Affairs, asmcjudicial@mills.edu

My Williams
Academic Affairs, asmcacademic@mills.edu

Amanda Padilla
Public Relations Chair, asmcpublicity@mills.edu

Chiany Dri
Student Services Chair, asmcstudentservices@mills.edu

Gloria Nguyen
Finance Chair, asmcfinance@mills.edu

Devin Carr
Co-Advisor, asmcadvisor@mills.edu

Katherine Genis
Co-Advisor, asmcadvisor@mills.edu

You can email all Executive Board members at asmc@mills.edu


ASMC Senators

ASMC Senators are students just like you who serve as representative voices for different communities throughout the Mills campus. Are you a transfer student? A STEM major? A parenting student? Connect with your corresponding senators to ensure your voice is heard and carried with us as we make decisions for the greater campus. Do not hesitate to reach out to senators with your questions and concerns. You can email all senators at senate@mills.edu.

Senator Roster

Senator Position Committee Name
Solidarity Lounge Senator Diversity and Social Justice Committee Esmeralda Balvaneda-Ponce
Parenting Senator Diversity and Social Justice Committee Rebecca Galicia
Resumer Senator Diversity and Social Justice Committee Vacant
Commuter Senator Diversity and Social Justice Committee Julianna Figueroa-Paredes
STEM Senator Academic Affairs Committee Kianna von Maydell
Education Senator Academic Affairs Committee Vacant
Social Science Senator Academic Affairs Committee Janin Escobedo-Garcia
Fine Arts Senator Academic Affairs Committee Vacant
Club and Organization Senator Finance Committee Jasmine Cuellar
Technology Senator Student Services Committee Tagira Alvarenga
Transfer Senator Social Justice and Diversity Committee Vacant
APER Senator Judicial, Internal, and Public Affairs Committee Milan Fisher
Health Services Senator Student Services Committee Andrea Osornio
Sustainability Senator Student Services Committee Karina Izazaga Munoz
Access and Support Services Senator Student Services Committee Meredyth Cohen
Senator at Large TBA Crystal Huang
Senator at Large TBA Ann Keasling
Senator at Large TBA Luorong Lamu
Grad Student at Large TBA Zintle Mbeke


Each Senator serves on one of the following ASMC committees, described in detail in the ASMC Constitution (page 9).

Academic Affairs, chaired by the Academic Chair

Finance, chaired by the Finance Chair*

Judicial, Internal, and Publicity Affairs (JIPA), co-chaired by the Judicial, Internal, and the Public Affairs Chairs.

Social Justice and Diversity, chaired by the Vice President

Student Affairs, chaired by the Student Services Chair

Committees inform the student body with updates through our ASMC newsletter, which is sent periodically via email by the ASMC Public Relations Chair.