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2020–21 Roster

Academic & Professional

Child Development Research Club
Child Development Research Club is to support undergraduate and graduate research being conducted at Mills College as it pertains to child development.

Computer Club
The purpose of Computer Club is to create a community of technology enthusiasts. We are beginner-friendly and want to create a space where everyone is comfortable to create! Throughout the year we plan to meet weekly and discuss new tech, potential projects, and learn from tech professionals.

Google Developer Student Club
Powered by Google, Developer Student Clubs train thousands of student developers globally and work with their communities to solve real-life problems.

National Society of Leadership and Success, Mills Chapter
To prepare and orientate future leaders.

Pre-Health Track Club
The purpose of the Pre-Health Track Club is to unify and advocate for pre-health students, especially undergraduates, to help ensure a promising future in healthcare.

Affinity Groups

Asian Pacific Islander Student Alliance
The purpose of APISA is to create a positive environment on the Mills campus where students of Asian and/or Pacific Islander ancestry or heritage can build community and discuss important issues like identity, culture, art and politics. It is important in our mission to build solidarity and work to build alliances with the other affinity groups on campus. We also plan fun or educational events for the community and increase awareness of issues affect us.

Black Student Collective
The mission of Black Student Collective is to connect that black students of Mills College and empower each other through educational and community engagement opportunities.

The mission of Kapwa is to join together to discuss our stories and experiences as Filipino-identifying students as well as bring the Filipino culture to Mills College.

Latinx Student Collective
The purpose of the organization LSC is to support the Latinx community at Mills College in academic, career, and social efforts. LSC seeks to provide a forum to plan events, share information, and address any issues facing the Latinx community; build a network outside of Mills College; build a bridge between Mills College and the Oakland Latinx communities; and encourage the integration of Latinx students into Mills College.

Indigenous Women’s Alliance
The purpose of Indigenous Women’s Alliance is to enhance community awareness about the cultures and concerns of indigenous peoples in the Northern American continent. We are a group that includes descendants of indigenous peoples and allies of their causes, concerns, and rights. We seek to extend our knowledge and dialogue to include the broader Bay Area groups of similar interests. Events such as the bi-annual Mills College Powwow and film screenings are some of the ways in which we reach out to the local indigenous community.

South Asian Students Alliance
South Asian Students Alliance aims to create a sense of community within the South Asian diaspora of Mills, provide awareness and resources about South Asia and its culture among the community, host events, and invite speakers to speak about issues our community faces.


Cemetery Beautification Club
To beautify and maintain the cemetery on the Mills campus.

Dive Club
We want to bring together anyone interested in ocean conservation to learn about how to protect and preserve our oceans. Part of learning is exploring the different world, so we use SCUBA diving as a way to experience the ocean.

Happy Mail Club
Our purpose is to bring members together through the
form of sending letters. We intend to relieve the financial
burden that may come with sending mail, so that whoever
is interested can be a part of our organization. We also
intend to extend our activities into the larger community
outside of Mills, to advocate for social justice and give
back to the surrounding community.

Social Justice & Sustainability

Disability Advocacy Club
The Disability Advocacy Club wants to be a beacon of hope for all students on campus, a reminder that it is possible for systems to change, become more accessible, evolve, and grow. We want to build an accepting, loving, supportive, equal, and equitable community of students, faculty, and staff on campus.

Earth CORPS strives for sustainability and environmental justice on campus and within the broader community. We do so by facilitating events and programs that support the Mills' green initiatives.

Future Healthcare Workers for Black and Indigenous Lives
The mission of this organization is to actively build ethical, empathetic, and antiracist practices as future healthcare providers early in our training. As pre-medical students, most of the courses we take are designed to teach us the foundational scientific principles necessary to understanding human health. However, none of the required courses address the structural racism and implicit biases that plague our healthcare system, resulting in extreme health disparities for historically and presently oppressed individuals. We aim to educate ourselves about our own implicit biases and integrate social sciences into our pre-medical education in order to better understand social determinants of health and improve health outcomes for all patients.

Liberty in North Korea
Standing in solidarity with North Koreans and North Korean refugees by educating the larger public around central issues that affect North Koreans quality of life, freedom, and prosperity that pushes many to risk their lives to become refugees.

Sunrise Hub at Mills College
Sunrise is a youth movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. We’re building an army of young people to make climate change an urgent priority across America, end the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives on our politics, and elect leaders who stand up for the health and wellbeing of all people.

Spiritual & Religious

Muslim Student Alliance
Our coalition consists of Muslims and non-Muslims alike advocating for unity and justice within our communities by partnering with local and international organizations.

Self-Inquiry Club
The Self-Inquiry Club is based on The Work of Byron Katie, which is a four-step process of questioning stressful thoughts and beliefs that would hold us back from our true nature. The Work is a meditation and invites us to drop into stillness and witness what arises in the mind's eye, as well as to experience who we are without our stories. Meetings will begin in meditation and conclude with a writing/sharing exercise. The club's mission is to offer a space for students to unblock themselves and access creativity and inspiration to help with our individual projects and endeavors.

Visual & Performing Arts

Book Art Club
As a club, we strive to make book arts accessible to all Mills students regardless of whether they are enrolled in the Book Art program, and to recruit students who are interested in making artist's books and exploring forms of print media.

Raise Your Voice
The purpose of the organization Raise Your Voice (formerly MOWW) is to connect Mills College with the Bay Area writing community by bringing local writers to campus to facilitate creative writing workshops. These workshops are generative, critique-free, and open to all—writers of any level and any genre. We believe in writing and thinking together, and process over final product. Raise Your Voice will present ten workshops over the course of each semester, held on Saturday mornings.