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 2018–19 Roster


Book Art Club
The purpose of the Book Art Club is to bring together individuals with an interest in printing and book art as well as bring awareness of book art to the Mills community.

Child Development Research Club
We are the child development research club and language development lab. We conduct qualitative and quantitative research studies as well as analyzing current literature on the topics of bilingualism, language development, STEM in early childhood education (ECE), informal ECE spaces, and student perspectives on research.

Math Club (Möbius Band) 
The math club is intended to encourage the pursuit of mathematical education and careers among women, queer folks, the entirety of the LGBTQ+ community, and young girls, as well as to provide fun educational opportunities for club members and the Mills College student body (e.g., talks from visiting mathematicians, math games, etc.)

Mills Computer Club 
The Mills Computer Club seeks to promote technical skill, professional, and social opportunities for Mills College students interested in computer science and its related careers. MCC strives to create a community of computer science students.

National Society of Collegiate Scholars
The purpose of this organization is to recognize and celebrate high achievement among first- and second-year students in all academic disciplines; to encourage and promote high standards throughout the collegiate experience; and to provide opportunities for personal growth and leadership development for our members.

Psychology Club
The purpose of the Psychology Club is to promote the knowledge, science, and interest of psychology and related disciplines on campus.

Provide a space for students of color and first-generation students interested/majoring in STEM-related fields to unite and support each other in an academic and personal level. These students will also gain the experience to advocate for more resources and support services in their departments.

Affinity Groups

Asian Pacific Islander Student Alliance 
We are an affinity group that creates a space for those who identify as Asian or having Asian heritage to gather and find community at Mills.

Black Student’s Collective 
The Black Student's Collective acts to honor our ancestors by cultivating Black excellence, supports and mentors all Black-identified students on campus and in our surrounding communities, fosters relationships with Black-identified faculty, staff, and students, and builds solidarity among other affinity groups.

Central American Student Alliance (CASA)
The purpose of this club is to empower Central American students’ cultural identity, while actively valuing other parts of individuals’ identities, i.e. gender, sexual orientation, religion and spiritual beliefs, and socioeconomic position. This is a safe space for Central American students who want to be involved and organized.

Indigenous Women's Alliance
The purpose of the Indigenous Women’s Alliance is to enhance community awareness about the cultures and concerns of indigenous peoples in the Northern American continent. We are a group which includes descendants of indigenous peoples and allies of their causes, concerns, and rights. We seek to extend our knowledge and dialogue to include the broader Bay Area groups of similar interest.

La Vida Alliance (Spanish Club)
The purpose of this club is to establish a communal interest for the language and cultures of the Spanish-speaking communities. This membership creates a space for native Spanish speakers, while also providing an informal setting for those who want to learn and practice the language. Enhancing and acknowledging the Spanish-speaking communities here at Mills College is our collective goal.

Latinx Student Collective 
The purpose of the Latinx Student Collective is to establish an inclusive and welcoming space that allows Latinx-identified students to share a space in solidarity and celebrate their culture.

Multiracial Students Club
The purpose of this club is to create a community of and for students who identify as multiracial and multiethnic and discuss social justice issues surrounding multiracial and multiethnic identities.

Muslim Student Alliance
Muslim Student Alliance (MSA) Club seeks to promote unity within the Muslim community and allies of Mills through social, spiritual, and community engagement events and programming.

Arts & Performing

Mills Drawing Club
To encourage artists of all experience levels to get together and practice.

Mills College Choir 
The Mills College Choir is a non-audition vocal ensemble that meets once a week in preparation to perform a great variety of literature for women's voices from the Renaissance to the 21st century. Its members represent a wide range of academic disciplines from across the campus. Our goal is to create a supportive community working toward a common artistic goal and striving for excellence not only as individuals, but also as a group.

Tone Down For What 
Tone Down for What at Mills aims to learn and perform a cappella music. We aim to create our own arrangements for music and record an album.

Professional/Career Related

Ignite Chapter
IGNITE is an organization that helps build political leadership among young women. As a club we will be tracking and analyzing bills, meeting with our local legislator, networking with other colleges, registering voters, and gathering and maintaining political knowledge.

Mills Oakland Writers Workshop
The purpose of MOWW is to increase a greater sense of community engagement between Mills students and Oakland’s literary community through weekly writing workshops facilitated by one of Oakland’s working, published, successful writers or poets.  All writing workshops will be open to any active Mills student.

Mills College Parents Association*
The purpose of Mills College Parents Association & Childcare Co-op is to unify all Mills College students who are parents in need of support, such as childcare and other services while attending Mills College.

Mills College Pre-Vet Club
The purpose of Mills College PVC is to expose students to the options of careers in animal science and veterinary medicine, promote interest in animal science and veterinary medicine, and encourage interactions between students with similar interests and goals. The goal of the Pre-Vet Club is to expose students to the options of careers in animal science and veterinary medicine, promote interest in animal science and veterinary medicine, and encourage interactions between students with similar interests and goals.

Mills College International City/County Managers Association Student Chapter*
The purpose of the Mills College ICMA student chapter is to introduce local government and management professions to students and establishing connections between ICMA, schools, and government officials. 

National Black MBA Association at Mills College*
The National Black MBA Association® leads in the creation of educational opportunities and economic growth for Black professionals. We are committed to making an impactful and sustainable difference in the communities in which we work and serve through: Innovative Programs that stimulate intellectual and economic growth


The Campanil
The purpose of the organization the Campanil is to serve the Mills College community through the practice of ethical and responsible journalism. Knowledge and progress in all areas of life is accomplished through the sharing of correct information. Our clear objective is to serve the student body, and we realize the importance and impact of this endeavor. We do not make news but cover the events that stimulate and change our community and college life.

The Crest Yearbook
To create and publish The Crest. We record the school year for future years to look back at.

The Womanist
To showcase the literary and artistic work of women and femmes of color at Mills in our annual literary publication, The Womanist.


Aquanauts (Scuba Club)
To bring awareness to the importance of marine science conservation. Through small projects and excursions, we plan to educate our community and advocate for marine life.

Celestial Skate
The purpose of the organization Celestial Skate is to have fun skating as a collective at Mills to encourage one another to grow as a better skater and to create a safe and inclusive space especially for queer, trans, POC skaters in the traditionally male dominated field of skateboarding. 


Jewish Student Collective
The purpose of the organization Jewish Student Collective is to provide support and community for Jewish Students at Mills College. This may be achieved through regular meetings, events held on or off campus, and excursions to Berkeley Hillel and elsewhere relevant to the needs of the club members.

Workers of Faith
Workers of Faith is a nondenominational Christian student group that provides a transformational community where students can learn together what it means to grow in relationship with faith, love, and Jesus. Workers of Faith offers small group Bible studies, large group gatherings, retreats and social events, house ministries for students, service in the community, and other opportunities for growth and outreach.

Queer Spiritualities
We are a student-led group exploring the intersections of queer identities and spirituality.

Social Justice

Community Health Resource Center 
The CHRC is a student organization dedicated to providing the Mills community with sexual and personal health resources. We are here to make sure that the community has a safe space to go to get resources to protect and inform themselves on their body and their health needs. We are an inclusive club and are always looking for feedback from the community about changing needs or points of interest. We hope to provide what we can to help everyone in our community to live safe, healthy, and happy lives.

Community Organized to Respect, Protect, and Sustain the Earth (Earth CORPS)
The purpose of this organization is to promote sustainable living practices and environmentally conscious activities to Mills College. We also actively engage with like-minded off-campus entities to connect social justice and environmental awareness with the greater Bay Area community.

Mills College Disability Advocacy Club
To assist disabled students in advocating for their needs and their rights in the pursuit of disability pride and empowerment, and to educate the Mills College community about disability justice. The Disability Advocacy Club is a student-run organization made for students with disabilities, by students with disabilities. Our purpose is to represent the 30% of Mills students who identify as being disabled, and to bring disability awareness to a campus where disability is relatively invisible. We also hope to educate the Mills community about the importance of disability justice and disability rights, and how it relates to all other social justice issues in our country today.

TGNC (Trans & Gender Non-Conforming Student Alliance)
A welcoming space for gender expansive folks at Mills College and in the community to process and discuss current issues pertaining to trans individuals.


Mills Rotaract
Contact: We are Mills Rotaract, a service-based club partnered with Oakland Rotary #3! Our main focus is community service and volunteering with children, youth, adults, and families, but we also work on developing professional and networking skills.

National Society of Leadership and Success
The organization has been established to create a support group that will help college students achieve their goals and better their lives, in the process building leaders who make a better world.

Mills College Out-of-State Students Club
This organization will provide resources and connections for out-of-state students who are attending Mills College. This club will help ease the transition of moving from their home state to California to attend Mills College. 

Student Government

Associated Students of Mills College (ASMC)

Class Council 2019

* indicates graduate student club or organization