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Accessing Funding

Club and Organization Registration

Clubs and orgs have the opportunity to submit registration through the Center for Leadership, Equity, and Excellence at the beginning of each semester. Clubs/orgs that register in fall semester have valid registration for the entire academic year; clubs/orgs that register in spring semester have valid registration for that semester. Existing clubs must re-register and meet all requirements each year in order to continue to receive funding.

Each registered club receives $250 each semester (fall and spring) for club activities. Registered student organizations propose their budget for the academic year ahead during the call for ASMC budget proposals in spring semester. For example, an organization would propose their budget for the 2020–21 academic year in spring 2020.

Provided an organization is in good standing and has a budget surplus, unused funds will roll over into the next academic year. Club funds do not rollover (except for fundraised funds) and instead reset at the end of spring semester.

Special Funding

Any current Mills student, whether or not they are affiliated with a club, can apply for ASMC special funding through the ASMC special funding online form. If your submission is complete and meets the criteria described in the form, you may present your proposal to the ASMC board. The board will then vote to approve, modify, or deny the request. You must wait until your request is approved before publicizing a special funded event or finalizing any arrangements.

If your request is approved, you will receive a notification email from the ASMC finance chair with more information about accessing and tracking funds. That email will include the special funding FOAP that should be used for all purchases related to your proposal. If your request is not approved, you may revise your proposal and re-submit it for consideration.

All special funding spending must be tracked in a balance sheet provided by the finance chair. Failure to track spending in the provided special funding balance sheet may result in denial of future special funding requests, liability for those charges, and other consequences.


The Student Club and Organization Fundraising Policy is available in its entirety in the Mills College Student Handbook (PDF) starting at the bottom on page 68. Fundraised funds can be deposited into your club/org account by completing a revenue deposit form (PDF) and turning it in to the cashier in Sage Hall.


Crowdsourcing activities by student clubs and organizations are not permitted. Individuals can make a tax-deductible donation to the Student Activities Fund through the Office of Institutional Advancement. If you have questions about the process for accepting donations to your club/org, please email

Paying for Goods & Services

It is your responsibility to make sure you have sufficient approved funds before confirming a reservation or publicizing an event.


An invoice is a list of goods or services provided, with a statement of the sum due for those goods or services. Essentially, it is a bill issued by the vendor to the person or organization who is paying.

Purchasing Card (P-Card)

A p-card is a credit card that may be loaned out to authorized students to make approved purchases. A single card request may not exceed $300 without prior approval from ASMC advisors.

The p-card cannot be used to pay a person for a service (guest speaker, DJ) or to buy a gift card in lieu of paying a person for a service. In addition, the p-card cannot be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, any drug-related items, gas, or rideshares. The person borrowing the p-card is liable to reimburse the College for any non-authorized p-card purchases.

P-card requests for invoiceable expenses (such as catering) may be denied at the discretion of Mills staff.


An honorarium is a payment to a person that is not based on a set rate or fee. That means that the payee is not charging a per hour rate for their services. An honorarium can be thought of as a modest expression of gratitude or token of appreciation presented to an individual. A current Mills student cannot be paid an honorarium.


If you use your personal funds for club-related expenses, you may submit a reimbursement request to be repaid for qualifying expenses. Repayment would come out of a club/org fund or the special funding account (if you were approved for special funding).

Supplemental Information & Policies

Fund Codes

Every payment made through Mills College needs to be assigned a fund code, or FOAP. A FOAP is used to specify which account is being charged. Each club/org has a unique FOAP that can be found on their balance sheet. Special funding recipients will receive the ASMC special funding FOAP from the ASMC finance chair after being approved for special funding.

If your event is a collaboration with multiple FOAPS (e.g., two clubs, a mix of club funds and special funding), clearly indicate which expenses should be charged to which FOAP.


ASMC board members and members of class councils receive stipends for their work, provided they fulfill their agreed-upon position responsibilities. Clubs and special funding recipients may not pay students via a stipend or honoraria. For more information, email


Subscriptions include but are not limited to software, web domains, and periodicals/magazines. Due to rotating club leadership, all ongoing subscriptions must be approved by ASMC advisors prior to purchasing. To request a subscription, email and be prepared to share information about the length and purpose of the subscription, cancellation fees, monthly receipts, etc. Account information for the subscription account must be shared with prior to purchasing the subscription. All approved subscriptions will be reviewed on an annual basis.

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