Club Management and Finances

Club Resource Guide

The Club and Advisor Resource Guide has a plethora of information about being a student club or organization. Some of the information includes: registration, event policies, campus contact information, recruiting tips, sample transition report, and much more.

Club Website

This Mills club website is a resource for current clubs and organizations at Mills College to obtain information pertaining to management of clubs and organizations as well as a way to interact with each other. There is information about club officer responsibilities, club/organization approval status, club resource directory, club updates, calendar of upcoming events, and forms. Please use this site to help your club or organization succeed this year. You must have a email to access the site.

Event Policy Forms

If your club wishes to serve alcohol at an event, be sure to fill out the Alcohol and Security Request form (PDF) at least one month prior to your proposed event date. If your club wishes to show a movie, be sure to look over the Club Movie Guidelines (PDF) to see if you need to buy rights. Also review the student events  page for more information.

Club Funding Forms

Club and Organization funding is administered by Associated Students of Mills College (ASMC). For more information about club funding, contact the ASMC Finance Chair at

ASMC Budget Transaction Request Form (PDF)
ASMC Special Funding Request Form
Credit Card Checkout Form
Deposit Form
Special Funding Without Travel Form
Reimbursement Request Form

Email Alias & Web Content 

All registered clubs and organizations are permitted to use a club email alias. If you would like to update your email alias or the web content about your club or organization, please fill out the Club and Organization Email Management form or email

Board of Presidents Meetings

Board of Presidents (BOP) meetings are informational meetings held by the organization's assistant that occur two to three times a semester. Attendance is mandatory for all club and organization presidents. If for some reason the president is unable to attend, they must send a proxy in their place. If no member of your club can attend, you must request a make-up meeting with the organization's assistant within two weeks of the BOP meeting. Only one person is permitted to represent at most three organizations.

More information about date/time/location will be sent via email to BOP email list.