Club Management

Board of Presidents and Board of Treasurers

All Mills clubs and organizations are valuable members of the Mills community. together, we foster positive change, social awareness, leadership opportunities and initiatives. Club presidents and treasurers are required to attend the information Board of Presidents (BOP) and Board of Treasurers (BOT) meetings, respectively, as called by the Coordinator of Student Leadership. Attendance at these meetings is a mandatory part of being a recognized Mills organization, but also greatly benefits you as influential members of our campus. In these spaces you will be able to share events, issues, and build community with your peers. If your president is unable to attend BOP, email to discuss make-up options. Similarly, if your treasurer is unable to attend BOT, email

Financial Resources

Club and Organization Funding

Clubs and organizations at Mills are funded through the Associated Students of Mills College (ASMC). A club/org must successfully fulfill all registration requirements in order to receive funding. Registered clubs receive $250 each semester (fall and spring) and org funding varies based on the submitted and approved budget.

ASMC Special Funding

Visit the ASMC special funding request for detailed information on applying for these funds, which are available to any Mills student even if they are not affiliated with a club.

Finance Policies and Procedures

ASMC finance policies apply to anyone who has access to ASMC funding. This includes treasurers of clubs and student organizations, special funding recipients, ASMC board members, and any other individuals or groups approved to use ASMC funding.

The finance policies are designed to promote fiscal responsibility, enact best practices, and give student leaders the information needed to make informed choices.

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