Center for Leadership, Equity & Excellence

The Center for Leadership, Equity & Excellence is the hub of student activities at Mills. Beginning with New Student Orientation, the center plans co-curricular options to engage you in campus life, support you with resources that help you grow, and inspire you to become a change maker. The center empowers students to become positive change agents through inclusive leadership and social justice opportunities.

Student Clubs & Organizations

The center works closely with students who are interested in creating or joining a club. Mills students organize clubs around academics, recreational activities, professions, the arts, affinity groups, spirituality, social interests, and more. The annual Club and Community Action Fair, where campus clubs and local organizations table on the meadow, is an excellent opportunity to check out ways to get involved outside the classroom.

Leadership Development

The center facilitates opportunities for holistic leadership development at every stage of a student’s Mills journey. Students can apply these skills to their personal lives, academics, community advocacy, and professional settings. In addition, center professional staff members serve as advisors to the Associated Students of Mills College.

Student Activities

The center organizes and co-sponsors an engaging mix of activities throughout the academic year, ranging from social events to skill building workshops. View our event calendar to see upcoming and past programming. Any student—whether or not they are affiliated with a club or student organization—can plan their own events. To support these student leaders, the center offers guidance in how to develop and execute a successful event plan.

Traditional Events: Black and White Ball, Midnight Breakfast, Movie on the Meadow, Club and Community Action Fair, Spring Fling

Sample Programs: Crafternoons, How to Plan an Event, LGBTQIA2S Pride, Family Trick-or-Treat, Orientation Throwback, Leisure on the Lawn, All-Lounge Breakfast


The center manages lounge spaces for several student communities:

Solidarity Lounge (S Lounge) in Rothwell 182: A community space born of student advocacy, for students of color and allies. Couches, library, art, and a TV. The S Lounge also has prayer rugs available.

LGBTQIA2S Lounge in Rothwell 183: A lounge for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, and two-spirit students. Couches, books, and art.

Cyclone Hub in Rothwell 156: A social study lounge for graduate and commuter students. Refrigerator, microwave, couches, tables, whiteboards, and a TV.

Parenting Lounge* in Rothwell 147: A cozy space for student parents/caregivers and their children. Couches, toys, TV, fridge, microwave, and a curtained lactation nook.

Mary Atkins Lounge* in Rothwell 151: A spacious lounge for undergraduate students who are 23+ years old (at Mills, we call this the Mary Atkins or resumer community). Tables, whiteboards, couches, and a community-maintained kitchen.

* = Requires key access. The key request form is located in the Mills Portal; keys may be picked up at HMDS in Sage Hall 138. If you are requesting a Parenting Lounge key, please communicate that to HMDS.

Accessibility of Lounges

Entrances to all lounges, except the Parenting Lounge, have a clear width of at least 32 inches. The Strike Plaza entrance to the LGBTQIA2S Lounge has five stairs; people may also enter that lounge through the Solidarity Lounge, which has a ramp. Rothwell has an ADA accessible, all-gender restroom with a changing table near the center’s main entrance. The Solidarity Lounge and LGBTQIA2S Lounge share a non-ADA accessible, all-gender restroom.