Dog Policy

Mills College is accepting new applications for annual dog permits. Dogs without current registration and campus permit are NOT allowed on campus. Pre-registration credentials and annual permit fees of $50 per canine may be submitted online via the Department of Public Safety eMarket, or in person at CPM, Office 113.

Registration fees are non-refundable. Payment may be waived for trained Service Animals. For more information on service waivers and courtesy permits, please review the below provisions to determine eligibility.

Once pre-registered, dog owners must present the following documents to the Department of Public Safety at CPM 113 to complete transaction and collect permit(s):

  • Valid Government Issued ID with Photo
  • Current Vaccination Records
  • ID Tag and Animal License
  • Proof of Service Training or Certification (where applicable)

Mills College has established the following regulations to govern dogs on campus. These regulations are specifically designed for the safety of our students, faculty, staff, guests, and individual dog owners. Permission to walk your dog on campus is a privilege and is subject to these rules and regulations.

Mills College is private property and entry to campus is granted only to those persons who agree to comply with College rules, regulations and the lawful direction of campus authorities. Non compliance with these rules and regulations will result in the revocation of your Dog Permit. If your permit is revoked, Mills College is not obligated to return your permit fees.

General Provisions

  1. All dogs on campus must be registered with Mills College Department of Public Safety. The annual registration fee of $50.00 per canine is non-refundable. Dog permits may be purchased online, or in the Public Safety Office at CPM 113 via cash, check, or credit card.
  2. Registration requires proof of vaccination against rabies and distemper, and a current city license. Once submitted, owners will be issued a numbered permit which must be carried while on campus. Failure to register dogs or carry permit while on campus is a violation of this policy.
  3. Dogs without paid permits are prohibited on the Mills College campus unless exempt (see below)
  4. Fee exemptions are granted for dogs that assist persons with disabilities, law enforcement agencies, and search and rescue dogs. Service animals are required to check-in for a courtesy permit at CPM 113.
  5. All dogs must wear a collar with an identification tag bearing the owner’s home address and work/home telephone number.  
  6. Dogs must display a current city license and current rabies/distemper tag on their collars.
  7. Dogs found on campus without proper identification will be considered strays and turned over to Oakland Animal Control. All subsequent fines and or penalties levied by the City of Oakland will be at the owner’s expense.
  8. All dog walkers who drive a motor vehicle on campus must purchase a Mills College Parking Permit:
    • Mills College Parking Permits are $60.00 and may be purchased at the Public Safety Office, CPM 113.
    • This permit is valid for one year and must be displayed in accordance with the Mills College Parking Rules and Regulations.
    • Please bring your vehicle’s registration with you as this is required to purchase a Mills College Parking Permit.

Pet Owner Etiquette

Community safety is the responsibility of everyone. As a courtesy to animals and fellow owners, all permit holding walkers are asked to exercise basic dog walking etiquette while on campus.


  • Use a leash on trails (leashes may be up to 6-feet in length, sorry, no retractable leashes on campus)
  • Clean up after your dog
  • Stick to designated trails & outdoor play areas.
    • Faculty Village is a private residential community; only dogs belonging to residents are permitted in this area
  • Supervise dogs at play; immediately interrupt any roughhousing or chasing of campus wildlife
  • Make sure vaccinations are current
  • Ensure proper food, water & ventilation/temperature control when leaving animals in vehicles
  • Keep your dog in sight at all times; dogs may not be left alone outside buildings or elsewhere on college property
  • Update contact phone & email in case of emergency
  • Immediately report incidents of walker violations, campus hazards or suspicious activity to Public Safety


  1. Any person entering the campus to exercise or walk a canine may have no more than two dogs at a time.
  2. An off-leash area is provided at the end of Richards Lot. Off-leash animals must be well behaved (even-tempered, attentive, and compliant to owner commands/signals) and under voice control of owner at all times.
  3. Outside of designated off-leash area, all non-service animals must be secured on a leash no more than six feet in length and in the control of walker at all times.
  4. Only law enforcement and search and rescue dogs may be off leash beyond designated area.
  5. No person shall tie, tether, or secure a canine to any object on campus
  6. Every dog walker is responsible for picking up their canine waste. Droppings shall be immediately enclosed and secured in a container and carried off Mills property for disposal.
  7. Every dog walker shall have in their possession sufficient bags or containers for their dog droppings.
  8. No person shall transport or carry dogs onto campus in a motor vehicle unless the canine is safely enclosed in the vehicle, or protected by a container, cage, or other device to prevent exit from vehicle.
  9. California Penal Code 597.7 PC, prohibits leaving an animal (or animals) unattended in a vehicle if by doing so the health or well-being of the animal is endangered. Under this law, conditions such as:
    • Weather (is the temperature too hot or too cold?)
    • Lack of adequate ventilation (are windows open or at least cracked?),
    • Lack of food or water
    • Any other circumstance that could cause suffering, disability, or death to the animal which could subject you to criminal prosecution
  10. It is unlawful to permit a canine to habitually bark, yelp, howl, or create noise in such a manner as to continuously disturb the peace of any person on the Mills College campus.
  11. Any incident involving an animal bite to a human should be reported to Animal Services, 510.535.5605. During non-business hours, please call Oakland Dispatch at 510.777.3333.

No animals are allowed in any Mills College buildings, with the following exceptions:

  • Working service animals
  • ORL (Office Residential Life) professional staff, residence halls only
  • Faculty and staff residing in Faculty Village or at the President's House, private domiciles only.

For more information on canine residency and restrictions, please contact Housing Management & Dining Services (HMDS) at

Violations may result in the revocation of permit and/or on-campus privileges.

Each canine walker is legally responsible for their canine while on campus. Mills College will not assume responsibility for any injuries to humans or other animals caused by your canine.

Animal Citation Fees

Failure to comply with these rules and regulations may result in citation. Please refer to the comprehensive list of citation fees and fines.