Motor Vehicle Regulations

Mills College has established the following regulations to govern parking and traffic movement on campus. These regulations are specifically designed for the safe and orderly flow of vehicles and pedestrian safety at Mills. Permission to park and operate a motor vehicle on Mills property are privileges subject to these regulations.

Operation of Vehicles

Restricted Areas: The parking of private motor vehicles in areas other than designated campus parking areas is prohibited and parking in certain areas of campus may be restricted. Please check the list of parking areas before parking.

Speed: No motor vehicle or bicycle shall be operated on campus at a speed in excess of 20 miles per hour. The speed limit on College property is strictly enforced. 22350 CVC

Stop Signs: Every motor vehicle, bicycle, or other vehicle must come to a complete stop at every stop sign. Slowing down does not constitute a complete stop. 22450 CVC

Pedestrian Right of Way: The operator of a motor vehicle, bicycle, or other vehicle must slow down or stop, if necessary, to yield the right of way to any pedestrian in a crosswalk or about to enter a crosswalk. 21950 CVC

College Vehicles: College vehicles (including motorized, wheeled equipment) are allowed access to campus areas as necessary to carry out essential functions under these restrictions. College vehicles may not permanently park in fire lanes or disabled parking areas. They must not block disabled access (curb cuts, etc.) to sidewalks or buildings. They may not drive or park on sidewalks or in front of building entrances, except to load or unload heavy items, and must be moved immediately after the delivery, pickup, or repairs are completed.

Tow Policy

All vehicles parked on Mills College property must be operational and display a valid state license tag and a current Mills College parking permit. At no time are vehicles to be stored on campus. Vehicles without current license plates will be towed off campus at the owners' expense. Before towing, a reasonable attempt will be made to contact the owner. Once a tow truck is called, the owner is responsible for all costs incurred, including storage. Mills College is not responsible for damages incurred during towing or storage of vehicles.

Mills College is not responsible for damage to vehicles parked on campus or theft of articles left in vehicles.

If you have any questions consult the information posted about parking on campus or dial 510.430.5555 from an off campus phone or extension 5555 from a campus phone.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Mills College has deployed multiple vehicle charging stations across campus. For more information on station locations or EV community updates please contact the Mills Sustainability Coordinator at

No-Idling Policy

It is the policy of Mills College that no gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles be allowed to idle on campus for more than one (1) minute under normal weather conditions. The exception to normal conditions is extreme cold or hot weather. Vehicles will never be left running while unattended.

This policy will apply to vehicles transporting students or athletes for athletic events, vehicles contracted to carry students for special college scheduled events, delivery vehicles, contractor’s vehicles, faculty, staff and student’s personal vehicles, and vehicles owned by Mills College. While exceptions in all cases can be observed (for warming up or dropping off purposes) engine idling that extends longer than one (1) minute will be prohibited under normal conditions.

Enforcement: Operators of any of the above listed vehicles will be cited for violation of the Mills College No-Idling Policy.