Motor Vehicle Regulations

Student/Faculty/Staff Parking

Students, faculty, and staff who wish to park on campus must display appropriate parking permit(s) on their vehicles. Parking permits may be purchased from the Department of Public Safety for $50.00. For more information, please visit Vehicle Permit ePay.

Visitor Parking

Regular visitors to the campus, such as swimmers or dog walkers, are required to purchase a parking permit. Visitors may park in the Richards Gate Parking Lot or designated commuter stalls only.

Short-term visitors, such as conference guests, or others visiting campus for one day or less, may obtain a courtesy parking pass from the Public Safety Security Gatehouse upon entering campus.

Vendor and temporary contractor placards may be obtained by request of host departments.

For more information on campus parking, please visit Mills Parking & Transportation Regulations.

Designated Parking Areas

Mills College campus residents may park in designated parking lots near their place of residence only. Residential parking areas are visibly marked with signage. Residents are issued parking permit hang tags that are displayed from the rear view mirror. Residents may not park in designated commuter lots.

Areas where parking is prohibited or restricted:

  • Fire lanes or red curbs, all campus streets and areas near buildings not designated for parking. No vehicles may remain unattended in any fire lane at any time.
  • ADA parking spaces and adjacent loading zones marked by wheelchair symbol, blue curbs, pavement markings and/or signs. Only vehicles displaying valid handicapped placards may park in handicapped parking spaces.
  • Yellow curbs are for commercial and maintenance loading and unloading only.
  • Parking in landscaped areas is strictly prohibited.

Appeal Process

Vehicles parked anywhere other than a designated parking space are liable for fines and/or towing. Citations may be appealed in writing no later than fourteen (14) days after date of issue. Late or secondary appeals will not be accepted. To appeal your citation, please include your name, contact email, citation number(s) and a copy of the citation(s). Appeals may be submited by:

  • Mail to the Citation Appeals Committee, c/o the Department of Public Safety
  • In person to the Security Gatehouse or Administrative Office at CPM 113
  • Email

The Citation Appeals Committee is comprised of one faculty member, one staff member, and one student. It convenes a minimum of eight times per semester. All appellates will receive a written response to appeal.

Those accumulating three outstanding violations will be instructed to park at the front gate lot for the remainder of the academic year. Any further violations will result in total revocation of on-campus parking privileges.

Mills College Citation Appeal Form

Tow Policy

All vehicles parked on Mills College property must be operational and display a valid state license tag and a current Mills College parking permit. At no time are vehicles to be stored on campus. Vehicles without current license plates will be towed off campus at the owners' expense. Before towing, a reasonable attempt will be made to contact the owner. Once a tow truck is called, the owner is responsible for all costs incurred, including storage. Mills College is not responsible for damages incurred during towing or storage of vehicles.

Mills College is not responsible for damage to vehicles parked on campus or theft of articles left in vehicles.

If you have any questions about parking, dial 510.430.5555 from an off campus phone or extension 5555 from a campus phone.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Mills College has deployed twelve (12) solar generators across campus equipped with electric vehicle (EV) charging, LED light towers, emergency backup power and personal device charging capabilities. For more information on station locations, EV community updates, and generator feedback participation, please contact the Mills Sustainability Coordinator.

Green Car Parking

There are a limited number of Green Car parking spaces on campus, including in the parking lots adjacent to the Lokey Graduate School of Business and Public Policy and the Moore Natural Sciences Building. Spots are identified by a Green Car sign. The Green Car list is administered by and If you do not see your vehicle on the list, your vehicle is not qualified for a Green Car parking space.

No-Idling Policy

It is the policy of Mills College that no gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles be allowed to idle on campus for more than one (1) minute under normal weather conditions. The exception to normal conditions is extreme cold or hot weather. Vehicles will never be left running while unattended.

This policy will apply to vehicles transporting students or athletes for athletic events, vehicles contracted to carry students for special college scheduled events, delivery vehicles, contractor’s vehicles, faculty, staff and student’s personal vehicles, and vehicles owned by Mills College. While exceptions in all cases can be observed (for warming up or dropping off purposes) engine idling that extends longer than one (1) minute will be prohibited under normal conditions 

Enforcement: Operators of any of the above listed vehicles will be cited for violation of the Mills College No-Idling Policy.