Vehicle Citations | Pet/Other Citations

When there is cause to believe that a violation of Mills policy and regulations has occurred, an appropriate notice of violation will be issued by the Department of Public Safety setting forth the date, time, location, and nature of the violation.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) or officer camera images may be utilized in corroborating violation claims.

Vehicle Citations

Vehicular citations may be served by affixing a copy to the vehicle involved, or by delivering or mailing a copy to vehicle owner. Service by mail is accomplished by mailing a copy of the citation to the vehicle owner's P.O. Box or mailing address.

A vehicle's registered driver/owner has sole responsibility for the parking permit and all parking violations received on Mills College property.

Vehicle Citation Fees

$60 General Citations
No Parking Permit
Expired Permit
Parked More than 18” from Right Curb
Parked Across Stall Markings
Parked Off Pavement
Yellow Zone Over-Limit
$80 Obstruction & Failure to Comply Citations
Red Zone Violation
Fire Hydrant
Parked on Sidewalk/Walkway
Parking Prohibited by Signs/Markings
Double Parked
Failure to Stop
Speeding Violations (+25 mph)
Reserved Parking Violations
Obstruction of Walkway/Crosswalk
Obstruction of Roadway/Thoroughfare
$150 Tow Release Fee or Abandoned Vehicle
$400 ADA Violation (Disabled Stall, Adjacent No Parking Zone, Blue Curb)

Payment of Fine(s) or Appeal Process

Vehicle owners may choose to pay fines as assessed or appeal matters through the Citation Appeals Committee.

Citation Appeal Form

  • If the vehicle owner chooses to pay the fine(s), s/he may mail a check or money order or pay in person at the Public Safety Administrative Office in CPM 113.
  • Vehicle owners have fourteen (14) calendar days to pay fines. Payment of fines is an affirmative election to waive all rights to an appeal.
  • If a vehicle owner chooses to appeal, s/he must submit an appeal form to the Administrative Office within fourteen (14) calendar days of issuance. Parking and Traffic Appeal Forms are available online and in the Public Safety Main Office at CPM 113. Traffic appeals will be forwarded to the Citation Appeals Committee for adjudication.
  • If a vehicle owner is found responsible, Committee members may recommend Community Service as an alternative to fines. Cited vehicle owners may pay the fine amount or apply for Campus Community Service (CCS) if eligible.
  • For each hour worked, there is a $10.00 credit against the fine. CCS work is defined as campus clean-up, student escort/Seminary Gate duties, or office work within HMDS, Public Safety or any other venue as determined by the director of public safety.
  • Campus Community Service work is a privilege and will not be given to habitual offenders. The Citation Appeal Committee will determine who is a habitual offender. The Citation Appeal Committee is the final authority in this decision.
  • If the vehicle owner neither pays the fine, nor appeals the notice of violation within fourteen (14) calendar days, fines doubles and the right to appeal is forfeited.
  • If the vehicle owner loses his or her appeal or is required to pay a reduced fine, the amount due must be paid within fourteen (14) calendar days of the notice of appeal decision, or else the amount doubles. There is no further right of appeal for citations already reviewed by the Citation Appeals Committee. Secondary attempts to appeal citations will not be recognized by the Department of Public Safety or Citation Appeal Committee.
  • Fines that are not paid within the above time frame will be placed on the student's account. Faculty and staff who do not pay or appeal citations will be subject to losing their campus parking privilege or tow. All fines must be paid before the next year's parking permit will be issued.
  • Failure of students to pay parking fines due will prevent release of transcripts, diplomas, or certificates. Holds are imposed by the M Center.

Animal*/Other Citations

$20 Minor Citations
Leash Longer than six feet
Retractable Leash
$60 General Citations
No Dog Permit
Dog Off-Leash in Unauthorized Area
Failure to Collect Waste
Noise Complaint
Tethered Animal
$80 Obstruction & Failure to Comply Citations
Smoking Where Prohibited

*For more information regarding canine policies, fees, and violations, visit the Dog Policy and Permits section.

Questions or Concerns?

Further Information on permits, fees, and parking areas may be obtained by calling the Department of Public Safety at x2103 or 510.430.2103, or by email at