Citation Appeal Form

Appeal Process: An appeal form must be submitted within fourteen days receipt of a citation. Appeals will be reviewed by the Citation Appeal Committee. A representative will follow-up with the appeal decision after the appeal has been heard.

The Parking Appeal Committee is comprised of Mills College community members. False, misleading statements or failure to disclose pertinent information will result in denial of an appeal. It may also result in loss of parking privileges and/or other appropriate administrative action including, but not limited to, referral to the Office of Student Life.

The following are insufficient grounds for an appeal of a parking citation:

  • Being late or in a hurry
  • Dropping something or someone off or picking them up
  • Parking lot full or too far away
  • Inclement weather
  • Others parked in same way did not receive tickets
  • Using flashing hazard lights (or four-way lights)
  • The amount of time the vehicle was parked
  • The owner of the vehicle was not driving at the time
  • Failure to notice signs
  • A note or explanation was left on the windshield
  • Passenger left in the vehicle
  • Disagreement with the rules and regulations or fine amount

You may appeal up to four citations with this form.

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