AC Transit EasyPass

What is An AC Transit EasyPass?

AC Transit’s EasyPass is a low-cost way for East Bay colleges and students to reduce their environmental impact while saving the expense and hassle of driving and parking. EasyPass offers bus passes anywhere AC Transit goes—anytime! Check out how you can get around the Bay Area from Mills:

Mills Easy Pass Destination Guide (PDF)

Mills Easy Pass User Guide (PDF)

How Do I Get An AC Transit EasyPass?

AC Transit EasyPasses are distributed during fall and spring orientation and student check-in. To claim an EasyPass, students must submit a photo ID and complete the AC Transit EasyPass Acceptance Form by the Office of Admission’s published deadline. Passes for students submitting photos after the deadline will be available for pick-up as received by the Department of Public Safety in CPM 113. Please bring your Mills ID to pick up your AC Transit EasyPass.

Passes are good for the duration of your enrollment at Mills. To re-activate your Easy Pass after a semester break or extended lapse in use, simply hold it in front of an AC Transit Card reader for several seconds.

To replace a lost or damaged EasyPass, or report any problems, please refer to the AC Transit Clipper Card Customer Support Hotline at 1.877.878.8883.

AC Transit Mills EasyPass for Registered Summer Students

  • Students registered in spring semesters may continue to use their passes through the summer with fall enrollment
  • New students pre-registered for fall semesters may purchase an AC Transit Clipper Card for $30.19
  • New students registered for summer courses only are not eligible for Mills EasyPasses.

For More Information

Check out our FAQs or learn more about AC Transit and your EasyPass on the AC Transit website:

AC Transit Home Page

AC Transit EasyPass Page

Maps and Schedules

AC Transit Customer Services

AC Transit for the Environment

For AC Transit-related questions about the Mills College EasyPass program, please contact