Electronic Collaborative Learning Center

The Electronic Collaborative Learning Center (ECLC), located in Stern 14, is a modern classroom designed specifically to meet the advancing technological needs of the faculty and students at Mills College. Faculty members are encouraged to use the room for semester-long classes or individual class sessions where the innovative use of technology can enhance pedagogical practice.

The ECLC classroom contains three clusters with six computers and two clusters with four computers for a total of 26 student stations. All of the computers have Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.). Two computers in each cluster have SPSS. The instructor’s station features all of the software that is available on the student computers. A printer and scanner are available for use in the classroom. A VCR is provided for watching videos. For times when technology isn't needed, the computer monitors can be lowered into the desktop, providing a flat work surface for individual or group activities.

The computers in this class room all have LanSchool's Classroom Management Software, which makes it possible for instructors to broadcast their computer desktop to the students’ own computers for class presentations and demonstrations. Instructors can also view and interact with the students’ computer desktops from the instructor’s station, enabling the teacher to observe student work, and offer assistance. Student desktops can also be broadcast to the rest of the class as an example. The classroom software also provides a variety of tecnology solutions for enhancing classroom collaborationa and activites including chat, file sharing, and quizzing features.

Equipment purchased for the ECLC was part of a grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and general education courses have priority in scheduling the classroom. All faculty members are encouraged to schedule the room for classes that utilize technology to advance pedagogy.

Instructors: If scheduling a semester-long class in the ECLC, indicate Stern 14 (ECLC) on your class scheduling sheet submitted to the registrar's office. To schedule a one-time class session in this room, please use 25Live to reserve Stern 14.

View the ECLC schedule to determine what times are available.