Connecting to Mills Networks

Network and Internet access is available across campus to the Mills community of students, faculty, staff, and sponsored guests. For home internet access information, go to Internet Access Options.

Wi-Fi for Students, Faculty, StaffWi-Fi for Guests
Residence Hall and House Network Access

Connecting to the Campus Wi-Fi network


The Mills-Wireless network provides Mills' internal community of students, faculty, staff with wireless Internet access. To sign in, you will need to use your Mills login credentials.

The process for setting up your device to use Mills-Wireless varies by device so refer to the appropriate section below.

MaciPhoneiPad | PC | Android


  • From your list of available Wi-Fi networks, select Mills-Wireless.
  • Enter your Mills username and password, then click Join.
  • When asked to accept the certificate, click Continue.
  • Enter your computer's keychain password (the username and password that you use to login to your computer) and click OK.


  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Wi-Fi. Tap On.
  • Select Mills-Wireless from the list of available networks.
  • Enter your Mills username and password.
  • Tap Join.
  • When asked to accept the wireless certificate, tap Trust.


Please note that the process will differ by PC operating system.

  • Select Mills-Wireless from your list of available networks by clicking on the Wi-Fi icon on the bottom right of your screen.
  • Enter your Mills username and password.
  • Click Connect.


Troubleshooting Tip

If you are having trouble connecting to the Mills-Wireless network and have connected before, go to your settings, remove the connection profile from your device and create a new one using the setup instructions above.

Mills-Guest Wireless Network

The Mills-Guest network provides secure network for guests of the college. This network is intended for affiliated guests of the college such as friends and family members of Mills community members.

Note: Mills community members that have an active College username and password should use the Mills-Wireless network.

  • From your list of available Wi-Fi networks, select Mills-Guest.
  • Your device will display a pop-up window. Select Register New Guest Access.
  • Enter your name and your email address, then select Submit.
  • Select Go to Guest Access Portal.
  • Select Submit to complete your Guest Pass.
  • Review the terms of use and select Accept and Continue.
  • NOTE: On Android devices you may need to choose Mills-Guest from the available wireless networks again to finalize your connection.

Access to the Mills-Guest network resets every 12 hours. After 12 hours, you must reconnect again using the the same process. If you experience difficulty when trying to rejoin Mills-Guest, forget the Mills-Guest network from your available networks and then reconnect.

Residence Halls and Houses Networks

The Mills College network and Internet is accessible to students in residence halls and houses. Service varies by location.

Wired and Wireless Residence Halls and Houses

Devices with either an ethernet card or wireless capabilities can be used in the following residence halls and houses:

  • Warren Olney Hall
  • Mary Morse Hall
  • Prospect Hill Apartments
  • Courtyard Townhouses (Danforth, Springs, and Stephenson)
  • Larsen House Co-op
  • Ross House

Wireless (only) Residence Halls and Houses

Only Wi-Fi enabled devices are able to connect in the following residence halls and houses:

  • Orchard Meadow Hall
  • Ethel Moore Hall
  • Ege Hall
  • Underwood Apartments
  • White Hall

About Wireless Cards

Most current model laptops, and some desktop computers, have internal wireless cards. Most wireless cards will work on the Mills network, but signal strength can vary from card to card.

If you have a computer without wireless capabilities, an external (USB) wireless card may be purchased from an electronics or computer retailer. Mills Information Technology Services recommends carefully researching and reading reviews on individual cards prior to purchase to help ensure your satisfaction with wireless connectivity on campus. Installation of all network cards is the responsibility of the student.