Themed Housing Communities

In the fall, each first-year student resident will join a Themed Housing Community. Themed Housing Communities provide students a way to explore the campus and the greater Bay Area through topics that most interest them. Students will create lasting friendships and have new experiences that expand what they are learning in the classroom.

When completing the online housing application process, indicate your interest and rank your preference among the choices offered. Mills College makes an effort to place every student in the community of their choice, but please note that only a limited number of students can be accommodated in each Themed Housing Community.

Themed Housing Communities

Bay Area Exploration

In this community, students will explore Oakland, San Francisco, and the Bay Area. Students will learn about the history of the area as they explore thriving and diverse areas in our own Oakland community such as Fruitvale, Chinatown, and Lake Merritt. Enjoy the redwood parks of the Oakland hills and venture into Dolores Park and the Fillmore in San Francisco.

Social Justice

In this housing community, students will learn together how they can each have a role in making the world a better place. They will investigate issues of gender identity, disability rights, racial justice, queer inclusion, and more. They will learn about social protest, policy advocacy, and education as tools for social justice work. Students will learn together by participating in the many events on campus and in the Bay Area that are designed to challenge power, make a statement, and pursue a just society. They will learn how to make their own change and inspire hope for a better world.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

This housing community is an excellent starting point for students considering majoring in any of the scientific disciplines, computer science, or mathematics. This floor provides an opportunity for these students to support one another academically and connect with others who have similar academic and career interests as they live and study together. Activities may include career panels with alumnae, study skills workshops, and opportunities for stress relief and self-care.

First Gen

This community provides an inclusive living environment for Mills College students who identify as first-generation college students. This community is designed to stimulate academic success by providing support and cultivating an encouraging environment and a community which aids in maximizing student success. Students who choose to live in this community gain an extra layer of support in navigating through the College, increased connections to faculty, staff, and first-generation-specific resources and a fostered support system of first-generation peers. All students, regardless of cultural heritage, identity, or major, are invited and encouraged to join this first-gen community.

Holistic Wellness Community

This themed housing community is designed for students interested in living a physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually balanced lifestyle. Creating balance can be a critical component of success during college. This community will have varying activities students can engage in for all ranges of ability and interest. Events may include yoga, morning walks, evening walks, and tea-time Tuesdays. Additionally, to promote healthy sleep patterns, this floor will observe extended quiet hours from 8:00 pm–8:00 am.

The Outdoor Adventure Community

This community provides residents with the opportunity to engage in the beautiful landscape that the Bay Area has to offer. This community uses outdoor experiences as a forum for teaching important skills and abilities applicable to all aspects of life at Mills and beyond. Community experiences may include hiking, camping, rock climbing, and whitewater rafting. The Outdoor Adventure Community aims to support growth in integrity, leadership, social awareness, and appreciation of diverse ways of knowing and being.