Room Draw

The online housing application in the Mills Resource Portal allows continuing students to complete the room draw process online from any computer. For detailed information about the room draw process, please see the Room Draw Guide. For step-by-step instructions on how to complete the online housing application process, please see the Housing Application Guide for Continuing Students.

Lottery Process

Between April 1–19, 2019 all students who plan to participate in room draw must complete the online housing application (available here beginning April 1, 2019). Continuing students, including students on study abroad, are eligible to participate in room draw (see details below), but entering students and students on leaves of absence will be assigned rooms after the room draw process.

Lottery numbers are assigned to students who complete the online housing application by 5:00 pm on April 18, 2019, based on projected class standing. Lottery numbers are used to determine room draw priority, and on April 19, 2019 students who completed the online housing application process by the deadline will receive emails informing them of the time at which they will be eligible to start the room draw process.

All continuing graduate students are in the same priority category. For undergraduate students, projected class standing is calculated by summing students’ completed credits and the credits in which they are enrolled as of 8:30 am on April 19, 2019. This information can be found in the Mills Resource Portal. The myMILLS Resources section includes a link to student records, where there is an academic transcript link. Earned hours (under transcript totals) can be added to credit hours (under courses in progress) to determine total potential credits.

Class standing requirements are as follow:

  • First-Year Student: 0.0–29.9 credits
  • Sophomore: 30.0–59.9 credits
  • Junior: 60.0–89.9 credits
  • Senior: 90.0 credits or more
  • Graduate: credits vary

Room draw priority is as follows:

  • Graduate students
  • Seniors
  • Juniors
  • Sophomores
  • First-Year Students

Room Draw

Room draw is the process through which continuing students select their specific room assignments. Students may complete the room draw process any time between the start of their assigned time slots (to be distributed by email on April 19, 2019) and the end of room draw. Online room draw will begin on April 22, 2019, and will be open through 12:00 noon on April 26, 2019. Please plan to be at a computer to choose your room; the online housing application system will not work properly on smart phones.

For additional information about the residence application/license agreement and related policies, please see the Applying for On-Campus Housing web page.

Additional information may be posted on this webpage as room draw approaches.

Students on Study Abroad

Students on study abroad may complete the same online application and room draw process as all other continuing students.

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities requiring specific housing accommodations (including accommodations involving service animals or emotional support animals) will be assigned rooms in advance of room draw, regardless of their lottery numbers. Students requiring housing-related accommodations for disabilities must contact Student Access and Support Services (SASS) by March 29, 2019 to make arrangements and choose their rooms. SASS can be reached at 510.430.3307 or at and is located in the Cowell Building.

Specialty Area Applications

Continuing students wishing to live in the Prospect Hill Apartments, Ross House Racial Justice Community, Larsen House Sustainability Co-op, or All Gender Graduate Apartments must complete a supplementary application. Supplementary applications are linked below. The supplementary application deadlines are March 29, 2019. Students must still fill out a housing application on the Mills Resource Portal to be eligible for housing (live on April 1).

Ethel Moore Substance-Free Floor Supplemental Application
Prospect Hill Supplemental Application
Ross House Racial Justice Community Supplemental Application
All Gender Graduate Apartments Supplemental Application
Larsen House Sustainability Co-op Supplemental Application

Family Housing

To apply for family housing in the Underwood Apartments, please complete the Family Housing Info and Waiting List Application.