Graduate Residential Options

Mills graduate students can choose from several on-campus housing options, including apartments, traditional residence halls, and specialty housing. For our male graduate students, housing options include the Courtyard Townhouses, or, if they have children and space is available, Underwood Family Housing. All on-campus housing includes wireless Internet access, and use of laundry facilities is included in your housing fees.

Shown below are all residence halls on the Mills College Campus. Please note that we plan to start the 2022–23 academic year with rooms in Courtyard Townhouses, Warren Olney Hall, Underwood Apartments, and Prospect Hill Apartments available for student placement. Information for all other halls is provided in the event that we are able to expand our offerings.

Specific living spaces have been designated to accommodate Mills students who require service or emotional support animals while living on campus, as indicated below. These types of housing are subject to availability. Information about service and support animals can be obtained from Student Access and Support Services.

Apartments | Residence Halls | Specialty Housing


Courtyard Townhouses

The Courtyard Townhouses, a stucco building with wooden accents, is framed by a flowering tree and pink and yellow flowers.
A Courtyard Townhouse apartment features a carpeted common area with a full en suite kitchen complete with fridge and oven.

Located on one of Mills' hills just off the main campus entrance, the Courtyard Townhouses include three buildings—Joan Danforth House, Vivian Stephenson House, and Clare Springs House.

  • Danforth House offers housing exclusively for graduate students of all genders.
  • In Stephenson House, two apartments are reserved for students of any gender and academic level who have service or emotional support animals. The remaining apartments are available exclusively to graduate students.
  • Springs House is reserved for undergraduate students 21 years of age or older.

The distinctive Craftsman-style apartments in each house include a choice of four or five bedrooms and with two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and an adjoining dining room. All bedrooms are furnished with a twin bed, desk, dresser, bookcase, and chair per student. As a residential option designed for students seeking a more independent living situation, housekeeping services are not provided in these apartments.

Special Features:

  • Four- and five-bedroom units with two bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, and living room
  • Cable TV hookup in each living room
  • High-speed and wireless Internet access
  • Disability access
  • Service/emotional support animal apartments (supplemental application process required)

Residence Halls

All Mills residence halls have grand pianos, recreation rooms, and kitchens. All rooms are furnished with a twin bed, desk, dresser, bookcase, and chair per student. Housekeeping services are provided for the shared restrooms and residence hall common areas. 

Lynn Townsend White Hall

Lynn Townsend Hall, a low-slung building with floor-to-ceiling windows makes an L shape around a blooming cherry tree.The interior pairs a light, open design with modern-style furnishings and a spacious recreation room. Situated on the north side of campus, White Hall is conveniently located close to Founders Commons dining hall and provides easy access to the heart of campus.

Special Features:

  • Single or double rooms, some in suites featuring one double and two single rooms
  • Two-bedroom suites with private bathrooms and shared kitchenette, living room, and bathroom
  • Three wings, each with its own common area

Warren Olney Hall

Warren Olney Hall, a stucco building with large blue-framed mullioned windows, is surrounded by bushes and trees.
A Mills student sits on her bed in her room in Warren Olney Hall. The room has wood floors and large arched windows.

Warren Olney Hall houses students of all academic levels; it is an environment that gives you numerous opportunities to live with students from all walks of life and create bonds beyond the classroom. Special activities and programs bring students together, and the large recreation and TV rooms, kitchen, and lounges provide a comfortable setting for all.

Special Features:

  • Single with hardwood floors and a sink
  • California sleeping porches (some rooms)
  • Common rooms
  • Full disability access
  • Service/emotional support animal wings (additional application process required)

Specialty Housing

Underwood Family Housing

The stucco Underwood Family Housing residences sit enveloped by trees and bushes.
Two of the Underwood Family Housing complexes face onto a shared outdoor coutyrard with a picnic table shaded by a large tree.

High above the College's Greek Theatre, Underwood Family Housing provides housing for Mills students with children. The building complex offers a total of 12 two-bedroom apartments in three separate buildings, all with wonderful views—and only a five-minute walk from the center of campus. As a residential option designed for students seeking a more independent living situation, housekeeping services are not provided in Underwood Family Housing.

Special Features:

  • Two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments with living room and eat-in kitchen
  • Children’s play yard
  • Private entrances
  • Reserved parking spaces