Application Fees & Refunds

Application Fees

A one-time $250 application fee is required before the Housing Application can be accessed. Application fees will not need to be resubmitted by students who reapply for on-campus housing in the future, but the housing application fee is non-refundable. Application fees can be paid as the first step of the online Housing Application (accessed through the Mills Resource Portal) or by cash, check, Visa, or MasterCard through the HMDS Office (by visiting Sage Hall 138 or calling 510.430.2127).

Housing & Meal Plan Refunds

Students may be automatically released from this agreement if they academically withdraw, take a leave of absence (terminating their registration), are academically disqualified, or attend an approved study abroad or domestic exchange program. Students in these circumstances will be released from their obligation to pay housing charges and additional housing fees if they have not signed out housing keys. Students are considered to have begun the terms of the License Agreement when housing keys are issued. If housing key pick-up has not taken place because the student opts to be a commuter in the first few weeks of classes, they will automatically be released from housing and charged a $500 cancellation fee.

A $500 cancellation fee is charged to all students who were issued housing keys and are released from their housing agreements after the start of the occupancy period. Housing and meal plan fees are prorated, on a nightly basis, based on the date of check-out from the assigned residence and receipt of housing keys by HMDS.

Winter break occupancy has no cost to the student as long as they reside in the independent living hall for both fall and spring of the academic year. If a student resides in an independent living hall in the fall and moves out of housing during winter break or in the first 30 days of the spring semester, they will have to pay a nightly occupancy fee for winter break that will not exceed $500.

All other decisions regarding release from this agreement are made by the Housing Policies and Procedures Committee. Requests for release based on compelling, unforeseen, and documentable circumstances must be submitted in writing to the Housing Management and Dining Services Office. All submissions must occur no later than 15 days prior to the end of a semester. A decision on the written request will be made within 15 work days of its submission.

Application to Release from Housing Agreement (PDF)

Additional information can be found in the Student Handbook.