Wellness Information & Education

Mills offers a variety of wellness activities on campus and online in addition to connections to community-based resources and training.

Online Information & Education

In 2013, Mills College launched a mandatory online educational program for first-year and transfer students called Think About It. Campus Clarity's Think About It program prepares new college students for the unique challenges and responsibilities of college life. Focusing on minimizing the risks associated with alcohol, drugs, and sexual violence, Think About It takes a harm-reduction approach that resonates with students and results in a healthy campus culture that fosters learning and growing. In addition, this online training fulfills legal requirements for prevention education, including affirmative consent and bystander intervention training required by the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (Campus SaVE Act) and California's Affirmative Consent Bill (SB 967).

The Mills College Student Handbook (PDF) contains important information, including policies, standards of conduct, resources, and information to help students. Several important policies included in the student handbook are the sexual misconduct policy (PDF) and alcohol and drug policy (PDF).