Healthcare for International Students

All international students are automatically enrolled in our Mills Student Health Plan through EIIA.

Charges will be billed to your student account.

Dates of coverage are August 15–January 14 for the fall term, January 15–August 14 for the spring term.

How to use your insurance: You may see a health care provider at the Student Health Center on campus at no charge for the office visit, so you do not need to use your student health insurance. We encourage all students to use the health center first. You may coordinate the use of your insurance at an outside lab or pharmacy, specialty care practice or hospital.

Your insurance through EIIA is a no-network policy. This means that you may seek treatment wherever you choose. However, you may be responsible for treatment charges due that are beyond what is considered reasonable and customary.

If you have questions about your insurance, please email

For details on your insurance plan with EIIA:

Insurance Options for Dependents of International Students

Mills College does not require international students to purchase the same coverage for dependents. However, J-1 visa students should know that dependents must have the same level of coverage (not necessarily through the same insurance company) as students. See the J1 Visa Requirements in the the Exchange Visitor Program Welcome Brochure (PDF).

Below are several other insurance options for dependents.

Additional Resources