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Student Health Plan

All Mills students must carry health insurance or public coverage (such as Medi-Cal or Medicare) that meets the minimum requirements of the Affordable Care Act. This includes comprehensive medical and mental health services, including outpatient, emergency, and inpatient care including primary, specialty, pharmacy, lab, x-ray, and other diagnostic services.

If you want to waive coverage because you have alternate coverage, please refer to our waiver guidelines

International students: All Mills College international students must enroll in and purchase a Mills Student Health Insurance Plan. International students are not eligible to waive coverage. Find out more about healthcare for international students.

Mills Student Health Plan (PPO) Rates

The Mills Student Health Insurance Plan provided by United HealthCare is administered by Arthur J. Gallagher & Company. Comprehensive information about the plan, including coverage and how to waive or enroll, is found at the Gallagher student health plan website for Mills students.

Health Plan Dates of Coverage:
Fall Term: August 15–January 14
Spring Term: January 15–August 14


Billing for Student Health Plans

The Mills plans are billed by semester. Charges for the comprehensive Mills Student Health Plan are added to all new student accounts during the summer of each year for the fall term. For all students except international students, charges are adjusted or removed (for those who waive Mills coverage and choose other coverage) based on enrollments and waivers carried out during summer open enrollment. All students (except international students) must enroll in or waive coverage. Do not assume if you see charges on your account for a health plan that you have been enrolled in a Mills health plan (except for the international student health plan). Monitor your student account regularly. If you still see charges that you do not owe on your student account, contact the M Center at

Dental & Vision Care

Students can elect dental or vision plans for an additional cost. Charges for those plans are administered through the Gallagher website, not Mills Student Accounts. Please see the information posted on the Gallagher website regarding dental and vision insurance, to learn more. Also see our Community Health Resources.