Enrolling In or Waiving the Mills Student Health Plan

Student Responsibilities for Enrollment or Waiver

It is every student's responsibility to complete the enrollment or waiver process during the summer open enrollment period. Requests for late enrollment or waivers are subject to late fees and may not be accommodated after the add deadline for each semester.

Summer Open Enrollment Period: July 1–September 10
Winter Open Enrollment Period: December 1–January 31

After the Open Enrollment deadline, if you are still enrolled in the Mills Student Health Plan, you will stay enrolled for the entire school year.

Your enrollment/waiver and dependent coverage for the fall carries over for the spring term unless there is a qualifying life event. Regardless of your decision, you must enroll or waive once every academic year during the summer as long as you are a student at Mills.

Late enrollment: If you did not act during open enrollment, you may reach out to health@mills.edu.

How to Enroll or Waive

If you waive or enroll in the Mills Student Health Plan, visit the Gallagher student health plan website for Mills students during open enrollment to complete the enrollment or waiver. Do not try to enroll or waive before or after the open enrollment periods.

If you do not wish to purchase the Mills Student Health Plan, you will be waiving coverage. To waive coverage, you will need to have all information about the alternate plan or public coverage, including the policy number, to complete the online waiver.

Once you have enrolled in the Mills Student Health Plan or waived Mills coverage electronically during open enrollment, you will be taken to a confirmation screen online and also receive a confirmation email. Please keep this confirmation for your records.

Waiver Guidelines (not for international students)

Alternate health coverage guidelines are listed below:

A. Be covered by a Medi-Cal, Medicare, or Tricare/military insurance policy.


B. Be covered by an employer-sponsored group health plan, family, or individual plan (including plans purchased through Covered California) that meets the following criteria (required by the Affordable Care Act or ACA):

  1. Has no maximum lifetime benefit limit;

  2. Has an annual out-of-pocket maximum of up to $6,350 for an individual and no more than $12,700 for a family. Deductibles, copayments and coinsurance paid by the member accrue toward meeting the out-of-pocket maximum.

  3. Covers the following services (ACA Essential Health Benefits):

  • Preventive health care services, including an annual physical exam, preventative immunizations, and laboratory/diagnostic tests to help determine your state of health;

  • Chronic disease management for such conditions as asthma, diabetes or other chronic medical conditions;

  • Hospital stays for medical and surgical care;

  • Hospital stays for mental health and alcohol/drug abuse conditions, covered the same as any other medical condition;

  • Doctor office visits for medical, mental health, and alcohol/drug abuse conditions;

  • Emergency room services;

  • Diagnostic services including laboratory tests;

  • Medications prescribed by a doctor (including contraceptives);

  • Pre-natal and maternity care, with no pre-existing condition limitation.

For questions, contact health@mills.edu.