Student Health Center

Mills students have two healthcare options for fall 2020. Students living on campus, or in Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco counties will continue to access Mills-based services through the Vera Whole Health Center on campus. Free COVID-19 testing is available to Mills students through the Vera Whole Health Center. Students living outside of Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco counties will have access to a new telehealth service through Mills Remote Healthcare.

Vera Whole Health Center | Mills Remote Healthcare

Vera Whole Health Center

The Vera Whole Health Center offers Mills students on campus and in Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco counties, access to office visits, health coaching visits, and generic prescriptions for free. Labs will be billed through your insurance. The health center can offer support to find off-campus specialty care.

If you need medical attention during the summer, find more information on our Healthcare Over the Summer web page.

If you have recently graduated from Mills, learn about your health insurance coverage options.


The Vera Whole Health Center at Mills is located in CPM 117. Call 510.671.3985 Monday-Friday between 9:00 am–5:00 pm to schedule your appointment. For more information, visit the Vera Whole Health Center patient web site. For your appointment, bring your student ID with you to verify your enrollment in Mills College.

After-Hours Care Line (24/7)

All students may use the after-hours care line (510.671.3985) at any time to ask about symptoms, get advice about whether to go to the emergency department, or to make an appointment to see a physician the next day at the health center.

Available Services

Many services are available to all students such as office visits, lab tests, and health education. Recommended screenings such as pap tests, blood pressure, HIV and other STDs, and cholesterol are conducted as well as immunizations.

Office visits are free for all students, including physicals and annual exams. You must bring your Mills student ID with you to utilize the health center.

Students are referred to health education services or wellness coaching or to the Mills Wellness Office for assistance with nutrition, smoking cessation, alcohol and drug education, and stress management.

The health center is not an infirmary, hospital, or emergency department. Emergency medical issues requiring hospitalization are managed at local hospitals. Students may also utilize urgent care clinics, depending on what their insurance recommends.

Referrals Outside of Vera Whole Health Center

The health center staff can provide referrals to community clinics and other resources. For further assistance, you may contact Counseling and Psychological Services or Wellness and Community Outreach in the Division of Student Life at 510.430.2260.


Ensuring patient privacy is a priority of the health center staff. You will be asked the reason for your visit upon registering at the front desk. If you do not feel comfortable verbally stating the reason, you may write it down. To maintain the privacy of students while being seen by a doctor, nurse, or health educator, students should remain in the waiting room until called into an exam room.

Mills Remote Healthcare

Students living outside of Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco counties can access free 24/7 medical care and mental health care through our telehealth service, Mills Remote Healthcare. These services conveniently replace the on-campus services offered by Vera Whole Health Center or Counseling and Psychological Services for students living away from Mills and the Bay Area.

To register for telehealth services, visit Mills Remote Healthcare or download the Timely MD app.