Black Mental Health Internship

A mental health crisis exists among Black communities. Many Black communities do not have access to culturally appropriate mental healthcare and are in need of services to address a disproportionate level of race-related trauma, grief, and loss. Furthermore, Black Americans encounter a complex and ineffective system of mental healthcare, ranging from lack of access to services due to the cost of care, stigma, misdiagnoses, and anti-Black racism in various pipeline systems. The lack of culturally appropriate care can be addressed by increasing the availability of Black mental health professionals. However, due to a lack of Black mentorship at the college level, potential Black mental health professionals choose other career paths.

Founded in 2019, the Black Mental Health Internship at Mills (BMHI) aims to address these disparities, ultimately creating accessible mental health services for Black communities by providing early intervention mentorship, education and training to Black students interested in a career in mental healthcare. The internship is designed to influence various ecological systems impacting Black communities' wellbeing.

Application Information

The BMHI application and interview process takes place in October of each academic year. For detailed application, deadline, and interview information, email