Preparing to Graduate

Commencement is the culmination of your years of hard work and dedicated effort. Before the excitement of that big day, be sure that you've fulfilled all academic and financial requirements and start preparing for life after Mills.

Satisfying Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate and participate in Commencement, you must make sure that you have met your degree program and core curriculum requirements, completed your final exams and/or theses and dissertations, and submitted your graduation application (for undergraduate students) or your Petition for Candidacy (for graduate students). Your student account must be paid in full and have no holds.

Learn more about academic and financial requirements for graduation from Mills. If you have questions regarding credits, degree requirements, or your student account, please contact the M Center.

Additional Items to Remember

Residential Move-Out

If you live on campus, the residence halls and other housing options have variable open and close periods. Find move-out instructions for your on-campus housing and consult the academic calendar for move-out deadlines for each academic term.

Mills Computing Accounts

After graduating, you will continue to have access to your student Mills email until July 31, and you will receive an alumnae email account the semester of your planned graduation. Access to other computing services on the Mills campus will end one calendar week after the end of spring term following your graduation. For more details, see the Expiration of Mills Computing Accounts web page.

Health Insurance

If you enrolled in health insurance through Mills during your time as a student, you will need to enroll in another plan within 30 days after graduating. Health insurance coverage after Mills can be purchased through a private plan or provided through federal assistance.