Expiration of Mills Computing Accounts

Whether you graduate in January or May, you will have email privileges to facilitate Commencement-related and personal communications until July 31. Your access to other Mills resources, such as Mills computers, Mills-wireless, the Mills Intranet, etc., will end seven days after the spring term ends.

If you are planning to return to Mills in a new program in the following semester, all student-related services will start again in time for the next semester.

As an alumna of Mills College, you will continue to have access to the Mills Resource Portal for student records and alumnae email account access.

Mills Alumnae Email

All Mills students are provided with an alumnae email account at the start of the semester of their planned graduation. For more information on Mills alumnae email and how to transfer mail from your student Mills email account to your alumnae account, see our Alumnae Email Account web page

Preserving Data

Whether you graduate in January or May, if you wish to use Mills computing facilities to preserve your data from Mills servers you need to do so before the student computing labs are closed. Labs close on the same day that residence halls close, Sunday, 12:00 pm, the Sunday after commencement. Check the academic calendar for exact dates. If you need to preserve any of your Google Drive data you need to do so before Mills email accounts close on July 31.