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Student Employment

The Mills College Career Connections & Community Engagement Office (CCCE) offers Handshake to empower you to launch your career while you're a student at Mills. Handshake is an advanced online tool you can use at school or on the go to upload your resume, cover letter, and all necessary documents that will help you search for a job. 

Handshake includes the following services:

  • Relevant feed of job and internship opportunities
  • News feed containing the latest information from CCCE and your favorite employers 
  • Resources specifically matching your interests

The CCCE is tasked with supporting students in presenting their best selves to employers both on campus and off. For this reason our office requires that all documents uploaded to Handshake meet minimum standards of quality. Once a document is uploaded it can be used to apply broadly to any position on Handshake, which is why we ensure even on-campus application materials meet minimum standards of quality. We are committed to ensuring review of documents within two business days of receiving them. If you have questions, we're happy to help.

On-Campus Student Employment

You can also search and apply for federal work-study and student employment positions using Handshake. Please review the Student Employment web page on the Mills Intranet for detailed information regarding types of employment.