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Concert to Highlight Contemporary Music at Mills College

Oakland, CA–February 09, 2012 A convergence of music, video, and dance will culminate in a performance of sight and sound at the Mills College Littlefield Concert Hall that reflects the legacy of musical innovation at Mills.

Guest composer Larry Polansky and composers from the cutting-edge Mills College Center for Contemporary Music will present a program on February 11 of recent works for a variety of technologies. The compositions will feature computers, piano, live electronics, video, and dance.

For more than 40 years, the Center for Contemporary Music (CCM) has been at the forefront of developments that emphasize experimental methods in contemporary music. In 1966, the San Francisco Tape Music Center moved to Mills College and was later renamed the Center for Contemporary Music. The CCM is internationally known as a leading center for innovation in music and is an important resource for the Bay Area's community of composers and artists.

Composers from the Center for Contemporary Music with Guest Larry Polansky

  • John Bischoff: “Field Transfer”
  • Chris Brown: “Matrix Improvisation”
  • James Fei: "The little electrical shocks were nice…"
  • Maggi Payne: “Quicksilver”
  • Larry Polansky: “freeHorn (Mills Trio)”
  • Les Stuck: “pressed”

February 11, 2012
8:00 pm
Littlefield Concert Hall


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