Summer Session Tuition

2022 Tuition Rates and Administrative Fees

Fee Rate
Undergraduate $612/credit
Graduate* $867/credit
Campus Comprehensive Fee* $133
Audit Fee $750/course
Payment Plan Fee 3%

*Tuition and fees for online graduate programs remain the same as the fall and spring semester rates.

There will be additional charges for housing if you are living on-campus during the Summer term. Summer housing on campus is limited.


The payment deadline for Summer Session 2022 is May 23, 2022. Students who register after the May 2 payment deadline will have payment due at the time of registration Students who have not cleared their account financially by May 10 will be dropped for non-payment and not be eligible to re-register until they have made satisfactory payment arrangements.

After you are enrolled, you will be billed for the course.

A two-month payment plan is available that runs from May 2–June 2, 2022. There is 3% enrollment fee for this payment plan.

Summer housing students must pay their summer balance in full or set up a payment plan before moving into their summer housing. Students who have not paid or arranged payment for their summer charges before their move in date will not be cleared and are subject to losing their housing. If you have any questions or would like to make payment arrangements, please email

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to eligible students enrolled in the part-time minimum number of credits in the summer semester. Visit the Summer Session Financial Aid web pages for undergraduate students and graduate students for detailed information.

Tuition Adjustment Policy

Students who drop their summer course(s) will have their tuition charges adjusted as follows:

Official Drop Date Adjustment
Prior to first day of instruction (prior to Monday, May 16, 2022) All tuition charges and fees credited 100%
First day of instruction through add deadline (Monday, May 16–Thursday, May 9, 2022) Credited 90% of tuition charges only. Fees will not be credited
After add deadline (after Thursday, May 19, 2022) No credit

Once a student registers there is no adjustment to administrative fees associated with independent studies, internships, and directed research.

For information about the academic dates and courses available, visit the Summer Session web pages.