Payment Plans

Mills College offers two monthly payment plans to assist students who find that they need to pay their tuition and fees in multiple installments over the course of a semester instead of one payment in full.

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Mills Monthly Payment Plan Options

Payment Plan Fall Semester Spring Semester
Five-Month Plan August 1–December 1 January 2–May 1
Six-Month Plan* July 15–December 15 January 15–June 15

*Students who wish to choose the six-month option must enroll in this plan before July 15 for the fall semester and before January 15 for the spring semester.

Enrollment Fee

Please note that, in addition to the first monthly payment, a semester enrollment fee is due by the first payment deadline. This enrollment fee totals 3 percent of the balance due with a maximum fee of $300:

  • $1–10,000 balance = 3 percent semester enrollment fee
  • $10,001+ balance = $300 semester enrollment fee

The College does not charge interest on your outstanding balance if you are enrolled in a monthly payment plan.

Enrolling in a Monthly Payment Plan

Undergraduate and graduate students can enroll in a five- or six-month payment plan by visiting the Mills Resource Portal, going to the myMills Resources section, and clicking on Account Billing and Payments. View this slideshow tutorial for step-by-step enrollment instructions.

Authorized users, once set up by their student, can enroll in a payment plan and make payments for their student by logging in through the Authorized User Login webpage.

Making Payments

You can complete a monthly installment payment online through a Electronic Funds Transfer (eCheck) or by credit card. While we do accept credit cards for installment plan payments, the College does not encourage their use for the payment of tuition and fees. If you choose to pay with a credit card, Mills accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover via the Mills Resource Portal.

To pay through eCheck (using funds from a checking or savings account):

  1. Login to the Mills Resource Portal.**
  2. Under the myMills Resources section, click on Account Billing and Payments, then click on Make a Payment.
  3. Select the eCheck option in the Make a Payment section. You will be asked to enter your bank account and routing information.

You can also set up automatic payments that will be deducted from your selected bank account each month on the payment deadline.

**Authorized users must log in through the Authorized User Login webpage.

Installments can also be paid through the following methods:

Late Payment Fees

Students who do not meet the payment plan deadlines may be assessed a late payment fee of $50 for each month that is paid late. Payers can set up automatic monthly payments to ensure that payment deadlines are met and to avoid late fees.


For payment plan questions, we invite you to contact the Student Accounts Office via email or phone, or in person during business hours.