Student Accounts

Part of the M Center, Student Accounts is responsible for student billing and payment options and assists Mills undergraduate and graduate students with issues regarding tuition, fees, and refunds.

In addition, our responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that your student bills are accurate
  • Providing you with multiple payment options
  • Communicating how to enroll in and successfully manage a payment plan
  • Working with you to make payment arrangements for unusual or unforeseen circumstances
  • Posting refunds to your account in a timely manner
  • Explaining any transactions on your student account

Learn more about tuition and fees, billing, making payments, payment plans, and eRefunds at Mills.

Student Privacy Rights

Mills complies with the provisions of the 1974 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA protects student privacy rights by setting strict limits on the disclosure of students' educational records without their consent.