As a Mills student, you are responsible for meeting payment deadlines, completing financial aid requirements, and resolving outstanding account balances, even if someone else is making the payments on your account. For this reason, billing and payment communication is directed to you, the student, rather than a parent or partner. 

Billing Schedule

Mills runs on a semester system with optional January and summer terms, so the majority of undergraduate and graduate students will receive just two eBills for tuition and fees each academic year.

Semester Student Billed Payment Deadline
Fall Early July August 1*
Spring Early December January 2*

*Be sure to check the due date listed on your eBill statement. That due date supersedes any payment deadline listed on any Mills website.


In alignment with the College's commitment to environmental sustainability, all student billing statements are sent electronically. eBilling enables you to view, download, and (if needed) print your Mills College billing statement from anywhere that you can access the web. 

Once you have received an email notification that your eBill is ready, you can view it online by visiting the Mills Resource Portal, going to the myMills Resources section, and clicking on Account Billing and Payments. View How to View Your eBill & Make a Payment for step-by-step instructions on how to access your student account statement (eBill) and make payments.

You may add individual authorized users who will have the ability to view your eBills, make payments to your student account, and—if needed—enroll you in a monthly payment plan. Adding these users authorizes Mills to release information regarding your student account to your designated parent(s), guardian(s), spouse, partner, or other individual(s).

Authorized users are notified by email when a new bill is available for viewing. After receiving this notification, they can view your student eBills by logging in with their PIN (username) and password at the Authorized User Login.

How to Authorize Additional Individuals to View Your eBill

View How to Authorize a Third-Party User/Payee for step-by-step authorization instructions or follow these directions:

  1. Login to the Mills Resource Portal.
  2. Under the myMills Resources section, click on Account Billing and Payments.
  3. On the bottom left side of the webpage, click on Add a New Authorized User.
  4. Create a PIN (username) and enter the authorized user's email address.
  5. Repeat steps 1–4 for each person you choose to authorize.

An email automatically will be sent to your authorized user(s) explaining how to create an account password and then login via Authorized User Log-In webpage.

You may also complete and submit the Authorization for Disclosure of Student Account Information (PDF) to the Student Accounts Office if you do not wish to complete this process online.

Student Privacy Rights

Mills complies with the provisions of the 1974 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA protects student privacy rights by setting strict limits on the disclosure of students' educational records without their consent.

Students may add individual authorized users online through their myMills account. This authorizes Mills College to release information regarding a student account to the designated parent(s), guardian(s), spouse, partner, or other individual(s), including eBills. Students may also complete and submit the Authorization for Disclosure of Student Account Information (PDF) to the Student Accounts Office if they do not wish to complete the process online.


For billing questions, we invite you to contact the Student Accounts Office via email or phone, or in person during business hours.