Administrative Leave

What is Administrative Leave?

The administrative leave procedure for Mills students is triggered by the non-payment of tuition and results in a student being dropped from classes. Continuing students who have registered, but not cleared their tuition bill, or who have not created an approved payment plan by the add deadline are put on administrative leave for a maximum of two consecutive semesters from the College.

In the past, continuing students were withdrawn from the College due to non-payment of tuition, which often resulted in them losing access to email and other important information. This updated process will improve our staff’s ability to communicate with students—with the ultimate goal of fully supporting Mills students, minimizing the impact on their learning, and helping them return to classes as soon as possible. Students will also have more time to make payment and create a payment plan before the add/drop deadline each semester.

Our Guiding Principles

The College’s guiding principles in creating and implementing the administrative leave procedure are:

  • Limiting unnecessary student debt
  • Student-centeredness and transparency
  • Collaborative administrative effort
  • Holistic student support
  • Fiscal and legal responsibility

Learn more on our Guiding Principles web page.

How do I Avoid Being Dropped from Courses?

2021–2022 Timeline

Fall 2021 Spring 2022 Action
July 5 November 22 Tuition bill posted in the Mills portal and students receive billing notice via email and postcards
August 2 January 3 Bill payment deadline
August 3 January 4 In cases of non-payment, students are warned about being dropped from classes five (5) business days before the residential move-in date.
August 16 January 11 Students are dropped from classes for non-payment and will be contacted by a Student Accounts counselor through email and telephone/voicemail. Students will be reinstated in classes once they make a payment or set up a payment plan.
September 8 February 2 Add deadline
September 9 February 3 Registered students who have not paid or are without a payment plan are placed on administrative leave. They will no longer have access to Canvas, but will have access to their Mills email and portal. Students should work with a Student Accounts counselor and petition the Academic Standing Committee for class reinstatement once the account is cleared.

Who to Contact?

Student Accounts Counselor:
Undergraduate Financial Aid Advisor:
Graduate Financial Aid Advisor:
Support from Division of Student Life:
Advising questions:
Course reinstatement and petition process: