1098-T Frequently Asked Questions

Use the 1098-T form to complete your taxes and discover whether you are eligible for education tax credits.

To complete your taxes, or to help your parents/guardians complete theirs, you will need the 1098-T form which will be made available to you each year. The information included on the 1098-T will help you determine if you are eligible for the American opportunity tax credit or lifetime learning credit. Please refer to the IRS website for eligibility requirements for these credits.

How do I obtain my current and past 1098-T tax forms?

We mail current year forms the first week of February, but you can also access them by logging in to the Mills Resource Portal. Under the myMills Resources section, click on Account Billing and Payments. To obtain forms for years prior to 2017, please email stuaccts@mills.edu with your full name and student ID number.

Why is Box 1 blank?

Colleges and universities have the option of reporting either payment received or amount billed for qualifying tuition and related expenses. Box 1 is blank because Mills College uses the amounts billed method for reporting, and therefore information is entered into Box 2. Mills has selected the amounts billed method and is required to use this method for all calendar years.

Information on how the 1098-T is completed may be found on the IRS website.

How was the amount in Box 2 calculated?

The amount in Box 2 includes any qualifying tuition and fees that were charged to the student account during the tax year (January-December).

How was the amount in Box 5 calculated?

The amount in Box 5 includes any scholarships or grants that were disbursed to the student’s account during the tax year (January-December). Loans are not reported on the 1098-T.