Through Mills partnerships with local institutions, including UC Berkeley and St. Mary's College, qualified students can cross-register for courses for no additional cost. To successfully cross-register and receive full course credit, follow the processes outlined below and work closely with your academic advisor.

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To be eligible to participate in the Mills cross-registration program you must be:

  • A sophomore, junior, or senior registered in at least 12.0 semester credits with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00.


  • A graduate student, enrolled at least part time, with department approval. Note that graduate students will not receive credit for lower-division undergraduate courses.

Part-time undergraduate students taking at least 6.0 semester credits also are eligible for cross-registration. The student will be charged for the cross-registration course at the current per-credit tuition rate.

Seniors and graduate students in their last term of attendance may cross-register, but should note that the time to process the cross-registration transcript will delay the posting of their Mills degree and release of their diploma.

Note: Institutions may require students to meet California or institutional residency requirements.

International and Out-of-State Students

International students must have a green card for at least one year or 366 days to participate in cross-registration at partnering schools. Otherwise, you must participate through the international students office at the host institution and may be financially responsible for costs associated with the course.

Domestic students who are non-residents of California may be financially responsible for the costs associated with the course. Check with the registrar at the host institution to confirm.

Participating Schools

Berkeley City College
California College of the Arts(undergraduate-level courses only)
California State University, East Bay
City College of San Francisco
College of Alameda
Contra Costa College
Graduate Theological Union (juniors, seniors, and graduate students only)
Holy Names University (graduate MBA students only)
Laney College
Merritt College
Napa Valley College
Saint Mary's College
Sonoma State University
University of California, Berkeley (excluding UC Extension)

Our cross-registration program also allows students from these colleges and universities to share the Mills experience.


Be sure to read the undergraduate- and graduate-specific regulations listed below the regulations that apply to all students.

All Mills Students

  • Do not register directly through the host school. By registering directly through the host school, you are not participating in the cross-registration program and are responsible for any charges, including tuition and fees.
  • Students at the host institution have priority registration for their home institution's courses. Courses available for cross-registration are dependent upon space available. Consult the instructor on the first day of instruction whether there is space available in the class.
  • Eligible students may cross-register for up to one course per semester, provided the course is not offered at Mills during the same semester.
  • Students must meet all prerequisites and criteria for cross-registration.
  • Students may not enroll in independent study, tutorial, or individual instruction courses at participating institutions.
  • Cross-registration is not available during the summer or January (Intersession) terms.
  • Students who cross-register at schools during a winter quarter will see the course on their Mills spring term schedule. Students may not cross-register at a quarter system school for both the winter and spring quarters.
  • Students will receive a temporary library card for the host institution to ensure access to necessary course materials.

Mills Undergraduate Students

  • No more than four cross-registered courses may apply toward your undergraduate degree.
  • Cross-registration courses do not count toward the undergraduate residency requirement of 40 semester course credits at Mills.

Mills Graduate Students

  • No more than 6 semester course credits of cross-registered courses may apply toward your graduate degree.
  • Graduate students will not receive credit for lower-division undergraduate work.

Grades and Transcripts

The host school automatically transfers credits to Mills for evaluation and transcription. Transcripts are received several weeks after the end of the term and are evaluated immediately upon receipt. Check the myMills section of the Mills Resource Portal to view your updated transcript.

  • The host school is not required to keep a record of your work or to provide transcripts.
  • Receiving credit depends upon your meeting the academic requirements and deadlines of both Mills and the host school.

Credit through cross-registration is not considered transfer credit. However, unlike credit earned at Mills, cross-registration credit does not count toward the 40-credit residency requirement. Grades for cross-registration courses are calculated into your Mills GPA.

Enrollment Deadlines

Cross-registration calendar information is available through the host school's Office of the Registrar.

You are responsible for meeting the registration deadlines at the host school, and for any late fees if you miss the deadline. A completed Cross Registration Permit (PDF) must be turned into the Registrar's Office by the add deadline.

If you drop your cross-registration course you must adhere to the deadlines of the host school and Mills.


For most full-time Mills undergraduate students, there are no additional costs for cross-registering at our partner institutions—your costs are covered by your standard Mills tuition and fees. See the bulleted list below for possible exceptions.

Mills undergraduate students registered in fewer than 12 credits or more than 18 credits (overload) will be charged for cross registration per credit. Overloads require approval from the Academic Standing Committee at Mills. See the bulleted list below for possible additional costs.

Mills graduate students in a per-credit program will be charged a per-credit rate. Graduate students in a flat-rate cohort will not receive additional charges. See the bulleted list below for possible additional costs

  • For some of the host institutions there may be a small administrative fee that will need to be paid directly to the host institution by the student.
  • Payment for courses added after the tuition payment deadline, must be paid for immediately in accordance with the Tuition and Fees schedule.
  • Students are responsible for any laboratory or special fees.
  • Students are also responsible for purchasing a parking pass, if necessary, through the Public Safety Office.
  • Library use is free (except at UC Berkeley) with identification (your signed permit form).

How to Cross Register

1. Consult the catalog and schedule of classes available at the institution you are interested in attending.*

2. Complete the Cross Registration Permit PDF, securing the necessary signatures in the order requested on the form.** Obtaining signatures out of order may delay processing or result in being charged for the course at the host school.

3. Present your completed permit to your host school registrar no later than the end of the first week of classes at the host school.

4. Return a copy of the Cross Registration Permit with all signatures to the Registrar's Office by the add deadline of the semester. At this time the the registrar will add you to a cross registration course (XREG CRD).

5. Keep a copy of the completed Cross Registration Permit for identification purposes.

*See below for special procedures for Peralta Community Colleges.

**If the cross-registered class creates a course overload, you must petition the Academic Standing Committee at Mills to get approval of your overload before your cross-registration will be approved. There are additional tuition charges per credit for credit exceeding the maximum credit allowed.

Part-time students must pay for their cross-registered class by the second week of classes.

To drop a cross-registration course you must follow the regular procedure to drop a course. You must also follow the drop procedure at the host institution, adhering to both schools' deadlines. If you drop the course, you must inform both schools to avoid a possible UW or F grade.

Special Procedures and Restrictions by Institution

Note: Institutions may require students to meet California or institutional residency requirements


For additional cross-registration questions, reach out to your academic advisor and/or contact the Registrar's Office via email or phone, or in person during business hours.