Terms & Conditions

Your financial aid award is based on the results of your financial aid application and the estimated cost of attending Mills College for the year shown. Accordingly, if there are changes to your original financial aid application, we must recalculate your eligibility for aid and, if necessary, adjust your award. Consequently, in accepting our offer of financial aid, you are acknowledging that you have read, understand, and will comply with the terms, conditions, and requirements listed below.

Terms & Conditions of Your Mills College Undergraduate Financial Aid Award

I understand that:

  • This award is made in accordance with all applicable regulations and appropriations of the federal government, any state government, and Mills College. Further, I understand that Mills College reserves the right to adjust or withdraw this award in the event of changes in policy or appropriation or of unintended error by the Office of Financial Aid;
  • My award is not official until the Office of Financial Aid has received and reviewed my or my family’s income verification and/or any other verification documents required/requested by the Office of Financial Aid. Further, I understand that my award is subject to adjustment or cancellation if my aid eligibility changes as a result of the verification process;
  • In order to receive financial aid, I must be making satisfactory academic progress toward my degree as outlined in the Mills College Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy;
  • Mills College will not increase its scholarship assistance to an eligible student who fails to complete by the published deadlines all forms and requirements necessary for consideration of a Pell Grant and/or Cal Grant;
  • Receipt of any additional aid, including a Pell Grant or Cal Grant, may result in a decrease in my Mills scholarship;
  • If my award contains a Mills scholarship, my Mills scholarship funding source (including Presidential, Provost, Faculty, Eucalyptus, and Dean’s Scholarships) may be reassigned to another scholarship fund with a different name, e.g. a Mills endowed scholarship fund;
  • If I receive scholarship funds from a specific donor, I will be expected to write a thank you letter to that donor;
  • If my award contains a Federal Direct Loan, my online acceptance of this loan constitutes my request for a loan under the Federal Direct Loan Program, and I must submit a separate Federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) at www.studentloans.gov if I have not done so already, as well as complete loan entrance counseling if I have not done so already at www.studentloans.gov.
  • All loans must be repaid, and I agree to do so under the terms and conditions of my promissory note(s);
  • If my award contains work-study eligibility, I may apply for an on-campus job. I understand that a work-study award does not guarantee employment. If I am hired for a work-study position, I agree to complete all necessary forms prior to beginning work and understand that I will be paid in accordance with established payroll policies;
  • Except for aid that I receive directly (work-study paychecks, outside scholarship checks, etc.), all of my aid will be credited to my Mills student account, including Cal Grant B Stipend awards. Cal Grant B recipients can request in writing to the M Center to have their Cal B stipend disbursed to them directly and not to their Mills student account;
  • My aid may be adjusted if it is based on my being an on-campus resident student, but I am living/will be living off campus or off campus with a parent or relative during the academic year or vice versa;
  • My aid may be adjusted if it is based on my being an off-campus student, but I am living/will be living off campus with a parent or relative during the academic year or vice versa;
  • My aid may be adjusted if my enrollment status changes during the academic year;
  • My aid may be adjusted if I will be participating in an international visit (study abroad), domestic visit, international exchange, or domestic exchange program approved by Mills and that Mills policy regarding the availability of financial aid for these programs is subject to change on an annual basis;
  • Institutional scholarships and grants, i.e. Mills College merit scholarships, Mills College need-based scholarships, and Mills College grants, cannot be transferred toward the cost of a domestic visit or international visit (study abroad) program;
  • If I withdraw or take a leave of absence from Mills College before the end of a semester, my financial aid award will be adjusted in accordance with the College’s Return of Federal, State, and Institutional Financial Aid policy as stated in the College catalog;
  • Email is the official method of communication for the M Center and its related offices at Mills College. I understand that failure to read my Mills College email is not acceptable justification for missing important information sent to me by the M Center and its related offices via email and that changes to my financial aid award may be communicated to me by email.

I agree to notify the Office of Financial Aid in writing:

  • If my residency status (on-campus, off-campus, or off-campus with a parent or relative) changes from the residency status indicated on my financial aid award;
  • If my enrollment status changes at any time during the academic year;
  • Of the amount and source of any veteran’s education benefits I will be receiving during the academic year. I understand that if this additional financial aid/resource changes my aid eligibility, my award will be adjusted accordingly;
  • Of the amount and source of any additional financial aid/resource I receive not shown on my financial aid award. I understand that if this additional aid/resource changes my aid eligibility, my award will be adjusted accordingly.

February 2017