Understanding Your Aid Award

The financial assistance being offered to you comes from the available federal, state, and/or Mills College financial aid programs for which you are currently eligible.

The award offer you have received is for the 2021–2022 award year only. It is based on the information made available to the College through the most recent Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California DREAM Act Application that we have received for you and your family.

Subsequent changes or corrections to your FAFSA or DREAM Act information—through tax verification or other updates—can result in adjustments to your financial aid eligibility and your financial aid offer. If revisions to your award offer become necessary, you will be notified by Mills email to view your revised award offer online on the Mills Resource Portal.

2021-2022 Financial Aid Award Guide

Financial Aid Award Programs

The aid being offered to you comes from one or more of the following programs. Be sure to read all of the information to understand the benefits and obligations of the aid programs. More detailed information regarding each of these programs can be found on the Types of Aid web page.

Mills College Grants and Scholarships

California State Grants

Federal Grants

Loans (Federal)

Work Awards

Additional Aid Resources

Additional Aid Documentation

Some aid programs may require you to submit additional documentation before your eligibility for this aid can be confirmed. If you are notified that additional information is required, please refer to the Requirements section in the Mills Resource Portal to determine what is needed and how you must submit this documentation. Please note that financial aid awards that have outstanding requirements will not be reflected as a credit towards charges on your bill and cannot be paid to your tuition and fee account.

Financial Aid Verification

If your aid application has been selected for federal verification, you and your parent(s) will be required to complete a household information verification worksheet. Visit our Completing Your Financial Aid Verification web page for detailed instructions. Tax filers are also required to complete the IRS Data Retrieval on the online FAFSA, or submit an official IRS Tax Return Transcript with the verification worksheet. If you and/or your parent were not required to file a 2016 Federal tax return, you must submit a copy of all Federal W2s and/or other official income statements for proof of earnings from work and submit a Verification of Non-Filing Letter from the IRS. Be sure to complete the verification process prior to June 1, 2018.

All verification documents can be viewed and submitted via the online verification portal found at mills.verifiymyfafsa.com. Please do not submit verification documents via email.

Important Financial Aid Eligibility Policies

Accepting Your Aid Award

Some or all of your awards may require you to accept or decline the funds via the Mills Resource Portal. If you are required to accept any part of your award, please do so by June 1 or within 30 days of the date of the financial aid award offer, whichever is later. For detailed instructions, visit our Accepting Your Aid Award web page.

When accepting your Mills financial aid offer, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

Once you accept the aid offered, it is important to check the Unsatisfied Requirements section to determine if any award-specific requirements still need to be fulfilled. Financial aid awards that have outstanding requirements will not be reflected as a credit towards charges on your bill and cannot be paid to your tuition and fee account.

Financial Aid Appeals

Recognizing that the information collected by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) does not always reflect an applicant’s current financial circumstances, the Financial Aid Office may re-evaluate eligibility for student aid under specific and limited circumstances. Students who have experienced a change in financial circumstances may initiate a financial aid appeal request by sending an email to finaid@mills.edu. You will then be provided with directions on how to complete the appeal using the Mills verification website.

Financial aid appeals will only be considered if submitted completely with all required documentation and processed through the proper channels. Appeals are subject to approval by the Financial Aid Office and are only meant for specific circumstances listed on the appeal form.