Federal Work-Study

A Federal Work-Study award enables students with financial need to apply for part-time, on-campus employment, allowing them to earn money to help cover their educational expenses.

Students who have been offered Federal Work-Study as part of their financial aid package will be able to apply for on-campus jobs by accessing Handshake, the online service the College uses for on-campus job listings.

Once a student has secured employment with a department and prior to beginning work, the student must come to the M Center to pick up their Federal Work-Study Employment Agreement. This work authorization form is required to work on campus and must be completed by the student and their employer and filed with Employee Services before the student begins working.

All student employees also must complete or have on file an I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) form and a W-4 form. These forms can be found on the Mills intranet and must be completed and returned to Employee Services prior to a student's employment starting date.

Please note that a work-study award does not guarantee that a student will be offered employment.

Students who obtain on-campus employment are paid for hours actually worked. Total earnings cannot exceed the total annual Federal Work-Study award. Timesheets must be forwarded to the Payroll Office in Employee Services by the timesheet due dates. Students are paid for hours actually worked as logged on the timesheet. The student payroll is run semi-monthly, and students may choose one of three payment options:

  1. direct deposit to a personal checking or savings account
  2. credit to her/his Mills student account
  3. paper check

Questions regarding work-study can be sent to finaid@mills.edu.

For more information about other forms of student employment on campus, visit the Student Employment web page.