Completing Your Financial Aid Verification

Graduate students must follow the directions below to complete the financial aid verification process.

  • Visit and login with your Mills username and password.
  • Once you're logged in, review any major items. These appear as white text on a blue bar. You may have multiple major items.
  • Click the arrow to the left of the major item to review subitems.
    • Subitems with a green circled check mark have been uploaded or completed and are awaiting final submission .
    • Subitems with a red circle are still outstanding and need to be completed by you before you can submit your verification.
  • Once all items have been uploaded, the "Submit" button will become a solid, dark blue. You must click "Submit" to indicate that you've completed all uploads.
  • A green "Finish" button will then appear. Double check to make sure you're happy with your submissions, then click "Finish."
  • The Financial Aid Office can only review and finalize verification once all of the above steps have been completed successfully.

Please note that may send you to other websites for you to gather documentation or complete certain steps. These sites may include or If you are sent to those sites, please make sure to follow all steps and instructions and to receive confirmation from that site.